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Simple. They were looking for the remains of one of the battles from the time of the Swedish Deluge. They found an ax from before our era

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According to preliminary dating, the artifact dates from 1300 to 900 BC. It is about an ax discovered near Protki (Warmia-Masuria Province) by history buffs looking for the remains of the battle that took place there in 1656.

– It was used as a battle ax centuries ago. This type of weapon is associated with the Eastern Baltic culture. The fact that we managed to find it is quite a sensation – says Mariusz Jarząbek, president of the Jaćwież Historical and Exploration Association.

Together with other history enthusiasts, he searched for the remains of the battle in the vicinity of Protki, which took place in this area in the times of the Swedish Creek. The earth hid a real treasure.

They dug up the axe Jaćwież Historical and Exploratory Association

This is a very rare Bronze Age artifact

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– At a depth of more than 30 centimeters lay an ax from the Bronze Age. Its preliminary dating is from 1300 to 900 BC – claims the president.

The ax was handed over to the provincial conservator of monuments. It is to be sent to the Institute of Archeology of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, where it will be analyzed by a team led by prof. Jacek Gackowski.

They hope that the monument will stay in the region

– We hope that the team will confirm the information we have, and then the monument will be transferred to the Historical Chamber, which is being built in Prostki, and if not, to the Historical Museum in Ełk – our interlocutor points out.

It was used as a battle ax centuries agoJaćwież Historical and Exploratory Association

In November, we wrote that a very similar artifact from the Bronze Age was also found in the forest complex in Rozkopaczew in the Lublin province. This was done by a family with a five-year-old son who went for a walk with a metal detector. As the conservation services informed then, a similar specimen was also discovered in 2012 in the neighboring town of Stary Radzic.

They also found other things

However, when it comes to the vicinity of Protki, apart from the axe, history lovers have found, among others, a dozen or so minié bullets from a Krnka rifle manufactured since 1856 Russia.

This is what bullets extracted from the ground look likeJaćwież Historical and Exploratory Association

– Such rifles were used by the January insurgents. Everything indicates that these are the remains of one of the skirmishes from that period. We also found, for example, a belt buckle from a Prussian soldier from World War I or a kopeck from 1904 – says Mariusz Jarząbek.

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However, when it comes to the 17th-century battle of Prostki, no memorabilia have been found.

They dug up a buckle from a Prussian soldier’s beltJaćwież Historical and Exploratory Association

They will still be looking for mementos of the battle

– Nevertheless, we will continue the search. The Lithuanian Field Hetman Wincenty Gosiewski wrote that the corpse was spread over two miles, so the area where the skirmishes took place was vast. Up to three thousand soldiers died on both sides, says the president of the association.

The battle took place on October 8, 1656 between the allied forces of the Republic of Poland and the Tatars under the command of the aforementioned Hetman Gosiewski, and the Brandenburg-Swedish army under the command of General Jerzy Fryderyk Waldeck with the cavalry of Prince Bogusław Radziwiłł supporting him. The battle was victorious for hetman Gosiewski.

– If we get to the area where the fighting took place, there will be some artifacts. We will be looking for the next two or three years – emphasizes our interlocutor.

There was also a kopeck from 1904 in the ground Jaćwież Historical and Exploratory Association

Main photo source: Jaćwież Historical and Exploratory Association

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