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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sinaia, Romania. Bears scare people. The authorities do not know how to deal with the problem

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Residents and tourists in Sinaia, Romania, fear being away from home in the evenings. All because of the bears that come out of the nearby forest and can be dangerous. On the monitoring recordings of one of the guesthouses, you can see animals chasing scared people.

Last week, at least three residents of the guesthouse in the center of the Carpati mountain resort found out about this. The surveillance cameras show two people returning from a walk. After a few minutes, two bears come out from the opposite side. A moment later, a woman comes out of the building to pick up something from the car. The recordings do not show the moment of meeting the animals, but it is shown how the woman runs away from them and quickly runs into the guesthouse

– She was very scared, she ran away, ran down the alley, and the bear followed her. She was lucky that the door was not locked, because – as you can see in the video – the bear appeared almost immediately. She also climbed the gate with her paws, said the owner of the guesthouse, Marian Petrariu.

Not the first time like this

This is not the first time a bear has followed a human in this area. Four months earlier, another woman had a similar encounter. She wore high-heeled shoes and was walking slowly up the street. Suddenly she came face to face with the bear. She started to turn as fast as possible, and the bear ran after her. Although the situation looked very threatening, the woman’s scream scared the animal away.

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– Nobody takes any action. People are in danger, especially children, said tourist Mircea Marian.

Most likely, the animals come out of their hiding places in the forest in search of food. It even happened that they broke the fence to get to the dumpster in one of the yards.

They don’t know how to cope

In the light of recent reports, the Minister of the Environment, Tanczos Barna, recommended that local authorities move or shoot the animals.

– Bears that repeatedly appear on the streets and that endanger people’s lives must be relocated. If they are particularly aggressive, the only solution is to kill these animals – said Barna.

– The actions mentioned by the Minister of Environment cannot be applied – says Vlad Oprea, the mayor of Sinaia. As he added, in order to issue an order, a decision of a veterinarian who would undertake this task is also necessary. However, one cannot find one in the whole city.

– I believe that this situation is not normal. If the bears are aggressive then the shooting should not be carried out in the city as it can be life-threatening, Oprea said.

Main photo source: ENEX

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