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Single-family house prices. The Secure Credit 2 percent program will contribute to their growth

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Real estate market experts agree: the prices of single-family houses will increase, to which the “Safe Credit 2 Percent” program will add three pennies – we read in “Puls Biznesu”.

As the daily notes, in the last 12 months single-family houses have become more expensive in the vast majority of Polish cities. Drops in prices per meter were recorded only on the secondary market in Bytom and Rybnik, according to the newspaper, citing Otodom Analytics data. The analyst of this company, Marcin Krasoń, quoted by the daily, points out that although in Bytom the reduction reached 10.6 percent, in Rybnik it was microscopic and amounted to only 0.3 percent.

The most expensive houses were in Gdynia

Real estate market experts do not expect price drops in the coming months. “In their opinion, the rates will go up, and one of the reasons will be the start of the government’s support program for housing,” the daily indicates. According to Otodom Analytics data, in May 2023, houses in Gdynia cost the most – 10.7 thousand. PLN per meter. About 10.4 thous. PLN had to be paid in Warsaw, 9.4 thous. PLN – in Krakow, and 8.5-8.8 thousand. PLN – in Gdańsk and Wrocław – enumerates “Puls Biznesu”. Ewa Palus, an expert at redNet Property Group, quoted by the newspaper, reminds that in 2022 the demand for houses almost stopped. According to the daily, “already the first announcements of the ‘Secure Credit 2%’ programme, followed by the change of recommendation S and the growing creditworthiness, started to rebuild demand.” “At the same time, the willingness of sellers to reduce prices or negotiate has decreased,” notes the daily.

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The house market will benefit from the “Safe Loan 2 Percent” program

“The house market will certainly be a beneficiary to some extent of the launched ‘Secure Credit 2%’ program, which may translate into an increase in prices,” believes Leszek Markiewcz, quoted by the newspaper. At the same time, he points out that the direct impact of government subsidies will be limited to houses with a maximum price of PLN 800,000. zloty. Analysts of the RynekPierwotny.pl portal point out an interesting phenomenon. “Their data shows that in the first half of 2023, the offer of development houses has clearly decreased in most agglomerations,” the newspaper writes.

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