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SIPRI report. The world is arming itself. A global spending record was broken

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Last year was an absolutely record year for the world in terms of military spending, the amount of which was exactly 2442 mld dol., and an increase of 6.8%. year-on-year is the highest since 2009. This amounted to 2.3 percent. global gross domestic product (GDP).

The authors of the report pointed out that the trend is caused by the international situation, which is becoming less and less stable. She contributed to this war in Ukraine and tensions in the Middle Eastwhich has been growing steadily since the end of last year, and is now at the point of an unprecedented show of strength between Israel and Iran. The third source of global causes determining the commitment to military development around the world is tensions in Asia and Oceania.

The top ten are responsible for 3/4 of global spending

They are the absolute leader in military spending The United States, which allocated USD 916 billion for this purpose in 2023. The second country in the ranking is China – USD 296 billion. And the contribution of both these powers already accounted for about half of global investments in armaments.

The podium closes Russiawhich was spent on waging war and other costs related to maintaining the army 109 mld dol.

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Together top 10 countries – as shown by the calculations contained in the report – they were responsible for 74 percent world total, constituting 1 799 mld dol. That's about $105 billion. more than a year earlier. “In 2023, all top ten countries increased their military spending,” we read.

Ukraine's gigantic spending. 37 percent GDP per army

The biggest Ukraine recorded a percentage increase in this group, which took 7th place in the ranking. Her military spending increased by 51 percent. up to USD 64.8 billion compared to 2022, which moved it up three places on the list. Kiev increased the share of GDP in investments in the army fighting for independence 11 percent GDP, which in total gives an increase to 37%. and marks an absolute global record in this respect.

Over the last decade Ukraine's military spending increased by 1272 proc. “In 2023, Ukraine received military aid from over 30 countries. The main donors were the United States and Great Britain, as well as Germany and other European Union (EU) member states,” we read.

According to estimates total military aid to Kiev had last year to achieve value $35 billion, of which over USD 25 billion. came from the USA.

USA is the absolute leader

USD 916 billion, which United States allocated for armaments in 2023 represents an increase of 2.3%. Every year. This means that Washington has allocated for this purpose 3.4 percent its GDP.

Over the last decade, the US has spent almost 10% on its army in absolute terms. more.

The report shows that there is an overseas power absolute leader in this category, because its biggest global rival and the next country in the ranking – China, pays three times less for the development and maintenance of its army.

China has the longest growth

Beijing, which decided to devote $296 billion to military purposes. Compared to 2022, he passed an increase in expenses in this respect by 6%..

The upward trend has continued for almost three decades, which means that The Middle Kingdom is the record holder in terms of successively increasing military spending.

“China has recorded single-digit growth in military spending for 11 consecutive years, largely in line with annual GDP growth over the same period,” it said.

China's military spending accounted for 12 percent of global spending and 50 percent of spending in Asia and Oceania.

Russia closes the podium. “Lack of financial transparency”

2023 was a record year for Russia in terms of military spending since the collapse of the Soviet Union. $109 billion spent on the army constitutes 5.9 percent. GDP and approximately 16 percent total government spending.

However, the report's authors point out that “Moscow's spending data is highly uncertain due to… increasing opacity” financially since the invasion of Ukraine began.

“In addition to the state budget, funds to support the invasion come from non-budgetary sources, such as enterprises, individuals and organizations,” we read. This may mean that the values ​​presented by SIPRI are underestimated.

Europe is starting to arm itself

The expenditure of European countries constitutes 24 percent global investments in armaments. In total, a year ago it was released in total 588 mld dol., i.e. 16 percent than a year earlier.

“Military spending in Central and Western Europe has reached 407 mld dol. w 2023 r., which means an increase of 10%. compared to 2022,” we read.

In this “subregion” the leader is Great Britain, which spent USD 74.9 billion., which is an increase of almost 8%. London spends 2.3 of its GDP, but this figure is expected to be reached within a year 2,5 proc.

Germany's spending, whose army, according to media reports, is said to be in crisis, is being increased for the second year in a row. In the last year they have stagnated 66,8 mld dol. This amounts to 1.5 percent. GDP, so less than the 2 percent set by NATO members. Berlin wants to achieve this goal this year.

Share of GDP in military spending. Poland is a leader in Europe

The authors of the report devoted a lot of space to this Poland, which has taken a big step towards modernizing its army. Within a year alone, it advanced five positions, including a jump to 14th place in the ranking.

“Poland's expenses amounted to USD 31.6 billion after an increase of 75%. in 2022-2023which was by far the largest annual increase in any European country,” we read. Over the decade, Warsaw increased financial expenditure on the army by 181%.

Calculations show that last year the contribution to the army was 3.8 percent GDP, compared to 2022, it is 1.6%. more.

Leaving aside the defending Ukraine and the invading Russian Federation, which have significantly increased the financing of their troops to wage war, Poland is the absolute leader in terms of GDP share in military spending.

Among the countries in the top forty of the ranking, the next country with the highest GDP is Greece – 3.2 percent Other countries do not even reach 2.5%. GDP.

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