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Situation on the Oder. KO MPs Michał Szczerba and Dariusz Joński return to control in Polish Waters

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KO deputies Dariusz Joński and Michał Szczerba announced that they were resuming their last year’s parliamentary inspection on the situation on the Oder river and its basin. – We have the impression that last year’s catastrophe is about to repeat itself – said Szczerba. – The government had a year to prepare to prevent another tragedy on the Oder and it seems that it did not do much – added Joński.

The Ministry of Climate and Environment announced on Saturday that in the Gliwice Canal on June 10, over 450 kilograms of dead fish were collected. Therefore, the Opole Voivode, Sławomir Kłosowski, during the crisis staff on June 11, agreed with the fire brigade on urgent starting water oxygenation on sections of the canal where the lowest level of oxygen saturation was found.

“The rapid decrease in oxygen in the water could have led to the death of the fish. Analysis of the water tests from the canal is still ongoing. The results of the samples from June 10 show the presence of golden algae in the Kędzierzyn Canal and in two locations in the Gliwice Canal. The algae may have moved with the current. algae in the Gliwice Canal were not found during the last survey conducted as part of the CIEP intervention monitoring on June 7, the ministry said.

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Dead fish were found in the Gliwice Canal. Crisis HQ decided to oxygenate urgentlyFacebook/Sławomir Kłosowski Voivode of Opole

Dead fish have appeared in the Oder again. Ministry: Golden algae have been detected in samples from the Gliwice CanalPaweł Szot//Fakty TVN

“The situation repeats itself”

Members of the Civic Coalition, Dariusz Joński and Michał Szczerba, spoke about the situation on the Oder River at the Tuesday conference organized in front of the Polish Waters National Water Holding.

– We are returning to Polish Waters. Last year, we conducted a parliamentary inspection of the situation on the Oder river, but also in the Oder basin, for many months. Then we determined that there are 5,815 outflow pipes, i.e. discharge points into the Oder. We also examined the water-legal permits granted by Wody Polskie to many state-owned enterprises, for the discharge of waste, but also for discharges with chemical substances – mentioned Szczerba.

He assessed that “the situation repeats itself.” – Last year, we were assured – the president of Wody Polskie, after the resignation of his predecessor, and the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection – that everything would be repaired in 2023 – he said.

– We were also assured that there would be gigantic investments. Waters of Poland proposed investments under the National Reconstruction Plan for the amount of five billion seventeen million. To date, none of these investments have been launched. Indeed, European funds for this purpose have not been launched – he reminded.

– We will demand explanations, we will demand information on what new water-legal permits Polish Waters granted to entrepreneurs and plants – he declared. – We want to share this information with the public, because we have the impression that last year’s disaster will simply repeat itself in a moment – ​​he explained.

The seat of the Polish Waters National Water Holding in WarsawPiotr Nowak/PAP

“We will not let go. We are continuing the inspections from last year”

Joński noted that “the Odra River is still being poisoned and the situation on the Gliwice Canal is becoming dramatic”. – The government had a year to prepare to prevent another tragedy and disaster on the Oder, and it seems that it did not do much – he said.

– Polish Waters issued 429 water-legal permits to discharge sewage into the Oder. In addition, 282 pipes introduce impurities that are not included in this list at all. So we have over 700 pipes that bring sewage (to the Oder) and someone else is wondering if there are any fish swimming there – he commented.


The deputy assured that “they will not let this matter go”. – It seems that the minister (climate, Anna) Moscow she tries to buy time and reassure the public, but has done little. Measuring water temperature or salinity alone is not enough for us to know what is going on there – he added.

– We won’t let go. We are continuing our parliamentary inspections from last year, he announced. – We’ll be here almost every day. Next week we will also be in the Lower Silesian Voivodship, because the Oder River really needs help. Politicians can do a lot or pretend that nothing is happening, like a ministry run by PIS. So today we are starting and we will be a frequent visitor here.

Joński in front of the headquarters of Wody Polskie: we will be here almost every day

Joński in front of the headquarters of Wody Polskie: we will be here almost every dayTVN24

Main photo source: Piotr Nowak/PAP

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