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Six-day working week from July in Greece

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In Greece, a six-day working week will apply in the private sector from July 1, reports the Greek Reporter website. He adds that this does not apply to employees of the catering and tourism industries.

Selected production and industrial plants and companies providing 24-hour services may extend the working week to 48 hours.

Authorities passed laws extending the working week in September 2023 due to productivity issues that often result in unpaid overtime. Politicians also drew attention to the shrinking labor resources due to the decreasing population.

Six-day working week from July in Greece

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According to the authorities in Athens, the new law aims to combat illegal work and increase flexibility and employment.

People working longer hours are to receive higher pay for an additional day of work. In the case of work on a holiday, the bonus will be 115%. basic salary.

Critics of the new regulations estimate that a six-day working week will now become the norm because labor inspections are “virtually non-existent” in Greece.

As Greek Reporter emphasizes, in Greece people already work longer hours than in other EU countries or countries USA. According to OECD estimates, in 2022 a Greek worked on average 1,886 hours, a resident of the USA – 1,811, and the entire EU – 1,571.

According to experts, Greece is going against the global trend promoting the introduction of a four-day working week.

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