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Six things to know July 11, 2023

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NATO leaders gather at the Vilnius Summit. Turkey’s president agrees to Sweden’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. Pyongyang threatens to shoot down a US plane. Northern India is battling monsoon downpours as low-cost airlines cancel 1,700 flights. Here are six things you should know today.

1. The NATO summit in Vilnius is starting

On Tuesday, a NATO summit will be held with the participation of, among others, the US president Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. The main topics of the summit will be Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the accession of Ukraine and Sweden to the alliance.

NATO leaders gather at the Vilnius SummitFILIP SINGER/PAP/EPA

The president will attend the summit in the Lithuanian capital Andrzej DudaMinister of Defence Mariusz Blaszczak and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau.

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2. Erdogan agrees to Sweden’s accession to NATO

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to submit Sweden’s NATO accession protocol to the Turkish parliament as soon as possible, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said after meeting with Erdogan and Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson.

Earlier, the Turkish leader unexpectedly announced that his country would agree to the approval of Swedish membership if European states “open the way” for Ankara’s candidacy to the European Union.

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3. Government spokesman: Germany wants to deprive us of our sovereignty

Government spokesman Peter Mueller referred in “Fakty po Faktach” to the words of Jarosław Kaczyński, who spoke of “plans to deprive Poland of its sovereignty”.

Government spokesman: Germany wants to deprive us of our sovereigntyTVN24

When asked who the PiS president had in mind, Mueller said that it was about Germany, although “not only”. – Some other European Union countries also believe that we should limit the areas where there is unanimity – he said.

4. Monsoon downpours in northern India

At least 37 people have died in floods and mudslides in northern India, local media reported, with many still waiting to be rescued. The capital of the country is also at risk – the water level in the Jamuna River flowing through Delhi is dangerously high.

Floods in IndiaReuters

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) confirmed that as much as 153 liters of water per square meter fell in Delhi on Saturday in 24 hours. Himachal Pradesh saw even more rain over the weekend, with some districts receiving as much water in one day as usually in a month.

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5. Low cost airlines cancel 1,700 flights

British low-cost airline easyJet has canceled 1,700 flights over the holiday season due to “delays in air traffic control”. 180,000 passengers, mostly traveling from London Gatwick Airport, will be affected.

The company reported that 95% of of affected travelers have already been rebooked to other easyJet flights. All customers have the option to rebook or receive a refund. The carrier said that canceled flights accounted for less than 2 percent. schedule for July and August. According to the industry portal fly4free.pl, the easyJet booking system shows that some connections to and from Krakow will also be cancelled.

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6. Pyongyang threatens to shoot down an American plane

The North Korean regime has accused the US that US reconnaissance aircraft recently violated its airspace and that there is no guarantee that they will not be attacked next time. shot down The regime’s KCNA news agency reported, citing a statement from a spokesman for the North Korean Defense Ministry. “The provocative US military actions are bringing the Korean peninsula closer to a nuclear conflict,” the official said.

Kim Yo Jong, the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who has great political influence, said that the country will react strongly if US forces re-enter North Korea’s economic zone, KCNA reported.

Main photo source: FILIP SINGER/PAP/EPA

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