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Six things to know on July 8

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The Sejm raises the amount of the childcare benefit and defends Minister Błaszczak. On Friday, we also learned the results of the exams. Here are six things you should know today.

1. 800 plus instead of 500 plus

As of January 1, 2024, the amount of the childcare benefit will increase from PLN 500 to PLN 800, according to the amendment to the Act on state aid in raising children, which was passed by the Sejm on Friday.

The change in the amount of the benefit will take place ex officio, without the need to submit an additional application. 406 deputies voted for the amendment to the law on state aid in bringing up children, 45 were against, and no one abstained.

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2. Matura exam results announced

This year, 15.6 percent of high school graduates failed the high school final exam. The matriculation exam, although in high schools was held according to new rules and was supposed to be more difficult, it was there that it fared better than in technical secondary schools.

The results of the exams have been announcedTVN24

Despite clearly weaker results in technical studies, in the last decade the passing rate of the final exams has never been so good. Now the key stage of recruitment for studies will begin for graduates.

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3. Bondaryk acquitted

A three-person panel of professional judges found General Krzysztof Bondaryk innocent, dismissing the prosecutor’s appeal, a journalist from the tvn24.pl portal found out.

The prosecutor’s office accused the general of committing a crime of exceeding powers and failing to perform duties “in order to achieve financial or personal gain”.

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4. The rulers are accelerating work on the referendum on migrants

The Sejm began work on the lawthat will allow the referendum to be held together with the parliamentary elections. Referendum on non-existent EU migration regulations, non-existent forced relocation.

The Sejm is working on a migration referendum

The Sejm is working on a migration referendumTVN24

According to the opposition, the whole issue is a problem invented for the needs of the election campaign. – They act like communists in the old regime. They created problems in order to solve them themselves – points out Władysław Teofil Bartoszewski, member of the Polish People’s Party.

5. Błaszczak defended by the parliamentary majority

The deputies debated in the Sejm on the motion to express a vote of no confidence in Mr Mariusz Blaszczak. In the vote, the parliamentary majority decided that the head of the Ministry of National Defense would remain in office.

The vote was preceded by a debate. – Poles already know that Minister Błaszczak only creates trouble. We need a minister who will guarantee security – said Czesław Mroczek (KO). – Today, the weakest link in the state defense system is Mariusz Błaszczak – added Mirosław Suchoń (Poland 2050). Radoslaw Fogiel (PiS) stated that there were no “serious allegations or documented facts” in the opposition’s application. The head of the Ministry of National Defense was defended, among others, by the Prime Minister.

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6. Arent suspends political activity, PiS spokesman comment

The son of PiS MP Iwona Arent and his friend heard allegations of beating his ex-girlfriend. “Super Express” published a recording of the events that were to take place in one of the apartments in Olsztyn. As “SE” wrote, Michał A. “recorded these scenes”.

PiS MP Iwona ArentTomasz Waszczuk/PAP

The MP announced on Thursday that she had suspended her political activity. PiS spokesman Rafał Bochenek, when asked on Friday in Wirtualna Polska what this meant, replied that he “reads that he will refrain from public activity”. – She is an MP, she has statutory duties that she must fulfill. I don’t think she’s going to shy away from them.

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Main photo source: Andrzej Lange/PAP/EPA

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