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Six things to know on May 13. Chaos on the border, recalled cars, brutal election finish

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General Motors is recalling nearly one million vehicles from the market. Colombian military seizes drug submarine. In turn, in Turkey, the last days of the campaign are marked by violence. Here are five things you should know today.

1. Chaos on the US-Mexico border

On the border USA with Mexico reigned last night chaos. This happened with the expiration of the existing regulations, known as Title 42. They regulated the flow of asylum seekers to the United States during the pandemic COVID-19.

Migrants wait after crossing the Mexico-US border in ArizonaPAP/EPA/ETIENNE LAURENT

The American services of the last 24 hours detained many people. People crossing the border ignored orders to turn back.

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2. The police got a signal from the army that there was a “air incident”

The military informed the police on December 16, 2022 that an “unidentified aircraft object” may have fallen near Bydgoszcz. Information about the “air incident” reported on December 16, 2022 by the army was confirmed by tvn24.pl in sources from the National Police Headquarters.

As the editors found out, an officer in the rank of lieutenant colonel called the telephone number of the police headquarters in Nakło nad Notecią.

READ MORE: The case of the rocket near Bydgoszcz. Police received a signal from the army that there was a “air incident”

3. General Motors recalls nearly one million vehicles

US automaker General Motors has said it will recall nearly one million vehicles in the US because the driver’s airbag inflator could explode during use.

GM said in a statement filed Friday that it became aware in March of a report that a 2017 Chevrolet Traverse was involved in a collision in which the driver’s front airbag inflator ruptured.

4. Blanka in the Eurovision final

The final concert the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 on Saturday, May 13. Representatives of 26 countries will compete in Liverpool, among them Blanka will fightwho will perform a song titled “Solo”.

Blanca at Eurovision PAP/EPA/ADAM VAUGHAN

Even before advancing to the final, bookmakers estimated the probability of Blanka’s victory at less than 1 percent. In the ranking of all countries, the representative of Poland was ranked 23rd at that time. Currently, she jumped to the 17th place, but her chances of winning the Eurovision Song Contest are still less than a percent.

5. The military seized a “drug submarine”

A semi-submersible vessel, about 30 meters long and three meters wide, transporting three tons of cocaine, was seized by the navy Colombia on its way to Central America, one of the most popular drug smuggling routes into the United States, AFP reported.

The detained crew members – aged 45, 54 and 63 – are Colombian and claim they were “coerced by a drug trafficking organization” to transport the submarine to Central America.

6. Violence at the end of the campaign in Turkey

The last days of the campaign before Sunday’s elections in Turkey marked by violence against politicians and volunteers, Al-Jazeera TV reported. The campaign was marred by outbreaks of violence across the country. There were stone-throwing, physical attacks on election workers, and armed attacks on party offices.

Turkey will elect a president on SundayERDEM SAHIN/PAP/EPA

The rhetoric of some politicians may contribute to the violence, Qatari TV believes. Devlet Bahceli, head of the co-ruling National Action Party (MHP), recently called the opposition “traitors who will get either life in prison or a bullet.”

Main photo source: ERDEM SAHIN/PAP/EPA

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