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Six things to know on Tuesday, March 19, 2024

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Poczta Polska spent not PLN 70, but PLN 88 million on organizing envelope elections, which did not take place – said the head of the parliamentary investigative committee, Dariusz Joński. An unarmed American drone made an emergency landing near Mirosławiec. In turn, the New York State Attorney General may confiscate Donald Trump's assets. Here are six things to know on March 19.

1. New facts about the cost of envelope elections

Poczta Polska spent not PLN 70, but PLN 88 million on the organization elections envelopes, which did not occur in spring 2020. This is according to a letter disclosed by Dariusz Joński, chairman of the commission responsible for those elections.

The Polish Post document was addressed to the then Minister of State Assets Jacek Sasin. Then it was transferred to the secretariat of the former deputy head of this ministry, Artur Soboń.

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2. Confrontation between Kurdziel and Soboń at the commission

On Monday, there was a confrontation between the former deputy head of MAP, Artur Soboń, and the former vice-president of Poczta Polska, Grzegorz Kurdziel, at a meeting of the parliamentary investigative committee on the 2020 envelope elections.

Soboń claimed that at no stage of preparation did he participate in formal duties related to the preparation of the correspondence elections. During the confrontation, Soboń admitted that he had cooperated with Poczta Polska in the preparation of the elections, but “on a working basis” and the meetings were not formal.

Confrontation between Kurdziel and Soboń at the commissionRadek Pietruszka/PAP/EPA

Kurdziel had a different opinion and believed that “these were very formal meetings.” – Representatives of Poczta Polska on one side and MAP on the other met. So it's hard to say that it was a social meeting, therefore informal. I simply understand the term “formal meeting” differently than Mr. Artur Soboń – added the vice-president.

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3. An American drone made an emergency landing in Poland

Air Force unarmed MQ9 Reaper drone USA in Europe, performing a planned quarterly training at the airport in Mirosławiec, lost contact with the base – the General Command of the Armed Forces reported late on Monday evening.

In the next entry it was reported that there was an emergency landing near Mirosławiec. “The touchdown took place in accordance with procedures in a secured, uninhabited area. The place was secured by the services, the investigation is being conducted by the Military Police,” it added.

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4. Hel Peninsula in danger

Illegal fertilization and filling of soil, placing commercial and service facilities in places not intended for this purpose – these are some of the conclusions of the report of the Supreme Audit Office regarding the protection of the sea shores of the Hel Peninsula and the Vistula Spit.

NIK reports on irregularities in the operation of government and local government administration bodies. It was established, among other things, that 22 real estate sales contracts were concluded for the amount of PLN 10.8 million without agreement with the Director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia. In this case, the Supreme Audit Office sent two notifications to the prosecutor's office about the possibility of committing a crime.

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5. Trump's problems

Donald Trump was unable to provide the $464 million bail required by a New York court to stay the execution of a fraud conviction against his company, the former US president's lawyers said on Monday.

If the court does not agree to the request of Trump's lawyers to reduce the surety amount to $100 million or does not extend the deadline, Trump will be obliged to pay the penalty from March 25. New York State Attorney General Letitia James has said she is prepared to begin confiscating his assets if the former president runs out of cash.

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6. Former director and founder of Belsat TV dismissed for disciplinary reasons

Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy, former director and founder of Belsat TV, announced that she was granted disciplinary leave on Monday.

TVP noted in a statement that the employment relationship was definitively terminated on the company's initiative for reasons related to the employee.

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