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Six things you should know on April 30: Crimea fire, “nightmare for the world” warning, takeover of a Russian building in Warsaw

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In the occupied Crimea, a Russian fuel depot caught fire. Before the May weekend, opposition deputies point to an increase in food prices reaching several hundred percent. Sudan’s former prime minister warns of the “appalling consequences” of the conflict in the country and a “nightmare for the world”. Here are six things you should know today.

1. A fire in a Russian fuel depot in occupied Crimea

A fuel depot caught fire in Sevastopol in the Russian-occupied Crimea, the Ukrainska Pravda portal reported on Saturday morning, citing the self-proclaimed authorities of Crimea. “These petroleum products were to be used for the needs of the Russian Black Sea Fleet,” said Andriy Yusov, a representative of Ukrainian military intelligence.

According to Ukrainska Pravda, the fire in Sevaspotopol was caused by an unmanned aerial vehicle, most likely a Ukrainian drone.

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2. Afterword about high prices

In connection with the May weekend, opposition deputies organized a press conference at which they talked about high prices. – Morawiecki’s grill is 146 percent more expensive – said Arkadiusz Marchewka, MP from the Civic Coalition. – Nearly 70 percent of Poles will not go anywhere for the May weekend because of the high prices of PiS, said Jakub Rutnicki. According to Aleksandra Gajewska, “the authorities are getting better and better, and Poles are worse off.”

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3. The Warsaw City Hall took over the building of the Russian school

On Saturday, the capital city hall took over the building of a secondary school that operated at the embassy Russia. The property was occupied illegally. – This is simply the recovery of the property of the State Treasury – confirmed the spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the evening, the mayor of Warsaw thanked m.in. bailiff for the efficient takeover of the object. It is intended for education.

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4. Former Prime Minister of Sudan: Continuing conflict in the country will turn into a nightmare for the whole world

conflict in Sudan can have much more serious consequences than those in Syria or Libya, said former Prime Minister of Sudan Abdalla Hamdok during a conference in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi. According to the politician, prolonged fighting will be “a nightmare for the whole world”.

Despite successive truces, the last of which was to stop the clashes from midnight on Friday to Saturday, the fighting between the regular army and the RSF, i.e. the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, which began on April 15, has not ended in Sudan. More than 500 people have died in them, the AP agency reports, citing government sources. According to data UN Around 50,000 refugees, mostly Sudanese nationals, have already made their way to Chad, Egypt, South Sudan and the Central African Republic.

5. The US calls on China to stop “harassment” of Philippine units

The US State Department has urged China to stop “harassment” of Philippine vessels in the South China Sea. The ministry also assured its support for the Philippines at a time of rising geopolitical tensions, especially strained relations with Beijing, Reuters reported.

The Philippine Coast Guard announced Friday that a confrontation had taken place in the disputed South China Sea between its ships and Chinese vessels that were engaged in “dangerous manoeuvres”. The PRC foreign ministry said the same day that Philippine vessels entered Chinese waters and made deliberate, provocative moves.

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6. The Pope’s visit to Hungary

On Saturday, the Pope continued his visit to Hungary, which had begun the day before. In Budapest, in the sports hall named after the Hungarian Olympic boxing champion Laszlo Papp, he met with young people. About 11,000 people came to the event. Francis’ speech was often interrupted by enthusiastic cheers and applause.

Let’s take life into our own hands to help the world live in peace, he encouraged Pope Francis. He pointed out that “a few kilometers from here, war and suffering are the order of the day.” The Hungarian-Ukrainian border is 300 kilometers from Budapest.

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