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Skarbiec, Lubartów. Dogs bit a cyclist, animal owner sentenced

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The 63-year-old owner of the dogs that bit a man was sentenced to three years in prison. – This is a punishment appropriate to the degree of social harmfulness of the act and as a warning. You have a dog – remember, you also have an obligation – said judge Dorota Bartoszek-Osuchowska, justifying the invalid judgment.

The tragedy occurred at the end of July in 2022 in the village of Skarbiecisz (Lubartów poviat). According to investigators, two dogs attacked a 48-year-old man riding a bicycle.. As a result of the bite, the man bled to death and died. His bicycle and pieces of clothing showing visible signs of damage were found nearby. The man's body showed numerous abrasions, wounds of various depths, and ruptures of large arteries and veins, which could have been caused by biting and scratching by dogs. A dog and a bitch of the Belgian Shepherd breed were found nearby, the owner of which turned out to be Jerzy B.

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A raker was called to the scene and tried to catch the dogs with a grabber, but it was impossible due to the animals' aggression. Attempts to euthanize the dogs also turned out to be ineffective, so – as written in the indictment – due to the threat posed by the animals, the decision was made to shoot them.

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An autopsy of the shot dog showed that fragments of human skin consistent with the victim's DNA profile were found in its digestive tract.

The District Prosecutor's Office in Lubartów accused the owner of Belgian Shepherd dogs, Jerzy B. o exposing a person to direct danger of loss of life or serious damage to health. According to investigators, when he left the dogs unattended on the property, he did not use adequate security measures to prevent the dogs from getting out of the property, which resulted in the dogs escaping in his absence. The fence had no foundations, and the gaps between the ground and the fence elements were significant and were up to 24 centimeters in places. It was also found that “piles of waste were stored right next to the fence on the property, which animals could climb on and then jump over the fence.”

Jerzy B. was charged with exposing a person to the risk of loss of life (photo from July 2022)Lublin Police

“Dogs didn't act that way for no reason.”

On Thursday, the District Court in Lubartów found the 63-year-old guilty and sentenced him to three years of rigorous imprisonment. In her justification, judge Dorota Bartoszek-Osuchowska emphasized that his guilt was beyond doubt.

– The accused bought the dogs to protect his property, but he failed to fulfill his obligation to take care of the dogs, and that cannot be the case – said the judge. She stated that the owner knew about their aggressive behavior and lack of subordination, i.e. that they were leaving the property arbitrarily, which was poorly secured.

The judge pointed out that if the dogs were not hungry, they would not behave this way. – They actually ate this human body – she said, citing, among other things, on the results of the autopsy of the dog shot by police officers. She added that investigators did not find traces of other animals, e.g. wolves, at the scene of the incident.

Moreover, the aggressive behavior of the dogs was noticed by the policemen and witnesses who intervened at the scene. According to the court, the dogs did not behave this way without a reason. In the court's opinion, if they had been properly cared for, fed and had properly prepared pens, they would not have escaped on their own and attacked humans, leading to a tragedy.

“You have a dog – remember, you also have a duty”

According to the court, the irresponsibility of a person who takes a dog under his care and then fails to do so cannot be tolerated. – In my opinion, if you cannot afford a dog, even due to lack of time, then simply do not take it with you – said the judge. – Therefore, in my opinion, such a penalty will be appropriate to the degree of social harmfulness of the act and as a warning. You have a dog – remember, you also have a duty – judge Bartoszek-Osuchowska said.

During the trial, the accused pleaded not guilty to the alleged offences. He answered freely in court. He was absent from the courtroom on Thursday. The verdict is not final.

The accused faced up to three years in prison, and that was the sentenceTVN24

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Main photo source: Lublin Police

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