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Skawina. A dog trapped in a fox hole, firefighters pulled him out. Euphoria after three hours of action. Recording

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Firefighters from Skawina near Krakow rescued a dog that got stuck in the corridors of a fox hole. For a long time, the rescuers dug blindly, but finally they heard the whimpering of a scared dog trapped under a one and a half-meter layer of earth. The dog was rescued after a three-hour operation in the cold and in the dark.

Skawina firefighters were called on Sunday afternoon (January 21) to a dog trapped in a fox hole. The unusual operation was carried out after dark. Two fire brigades took part in it, including firefighters from the Volunteer Fire Department in Korabniki.

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“At first we were digging blindly.”

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As the head of the Volunteer Fire Department, Krzysztof Czopek, told us, the dog entered the fox hole, most likely while walking with its owner, who, concerned about the animal’s prolonged absence, called the services.

– The dog must have entered the hole and either got lost or got stuck. In any case, he was trapped and could not be heard. At first we dug blindly, trying to locate it. There are many similar burrows in this place – Czopek reports.

After about 2.5 hours of tedious digging around the river bank, one of the rescuers heard whimpering. – The dog was about one and a half meters underground. We managed to dig him out, fortunately it didn’t look like anything had happened to him, although he was very scared – says the head of the Volunteer Fire Department in Korabniki.

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Owner’s gratitude. “You are heroes”

After the rescue operation, the dog’s co-owner published thanks to the firefighters on social media “for saving the life” of his dog. “The operation lasted 3 hours in the cold and darkness. The effect was excellent. Despite doubts about the effectiveness, the commander made a decision, we dig and search until we succeed (…). For us, you are heroes,” he wrote. The entry was shared by the Krakow fire brigade.

The Skawina commune also published a recording of the happy ending of the rescue operation on its website. “Nela, that is the name of the dog, is safe and healthy and is now with her loved ones, and at the request of the owners, we are publishing the material and we wholeheartedly thank the firefighters for yesterday’s action,” the officials wrote.

Main photo source: Skawina commune

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