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Skawina. Opponents tried to disrupt the meeting with Rafał Trzaskowski in Skawina. Clash of Sławomir Nitras with the protesters

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A group of protesters tried to disrupt a meeting with the mayor of Warsaw, deputy head of the Civic Platform Rafał Trzaskowski in Skawina near Kraków. Sławomir Nitras, MP, approached KO opponents. There were verbal scuffles. The police intervened.

Rafał Trzaskowski met with the inhabitants of the Market Square in Skawina on Wednesday afternoon. The event was also attended by politicians of the Civic Coalition, among others Slawomir Nitras and Barbara Nowacka.

So a group of men tried to interfere. During Trzaskowski’s speech, shouts of “To Warsaw”, “To Berlin” could be heard.

Nitras clash with protesters

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Nitras approached the protesters. There were verbal scuffles. – You can’t even insult me. Nobody is afraid of you, said the KO MP. “Down from Skawina”, “Tusk’s cacique” – that’s how opponents of the KO shouted, among others, towards Nitras. – You are aggressive, you challenge people – replied the politician.

The police formed a cordon between the MP and the protesters. During the discussion, Nitras pointed out that one of the people was “hit” by a protesting man. – Whar are you doing sir? Why did you hit the man? he asked many times. He asked the officers to identify the man. After a while, he pointed to the person who was about to be hit. “I am a witness, I saw it,” said Nitras. Finally, the protesting man walked aside with the policemen.

Nitras also started shouting the slogan through a megaphone: “On October the fifteenth, we will chase Kaczyński.”

The KO MP also turned off the cable from the sound system to the protesters. At one point, the police surrounded him. The MP has been identified.

Nitras was identified by the police

Nitras was identified by the policeTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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