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“Skazana 3” – premiere on Player. “It’s going to happen”

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The first episode of “Skazana 3” premieres in Player. The next ones will appear on the website every Friday. What will the scriptwriters surprise us with? The actors assure that viewers will not be disappointed.

Penitentiary manager Hepner (Adam Woronowicz) after the rebellion that broke out in the prison in the penultimate episode of the second season “Skazana”, gives the inmates a hard lesson in humility. Introduces bans, restrictions and running on the park. In particular, she gets into trouble with Campina, Shiba and Francy – Alicja (Agata Kulesza) pointed out that they were the ones who witnessed the women’s auctions on the dark web. Hepner knows that their testimony could mean the end of him. But before he is arrested by the prosecutor’s office, he receives a prison service decoration.

– He will get away with a lot of things, but a lot of things start to get out of his control. So something will definitely happen. The scriptwriters made sure that I wouldn’t get bored, says Adam Woronowicz.

“Skazana 3” what will happen

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Alicja and Pati (Aleksandra Adamska) will still be able to count on each other. Pati is released and tries to start a new life. She returns to relatives she hasn’t seen for a long time and wants to finally be happy. Alice stays in prison. He will fight Hepner. Who will take over behind bars now? In the first season, Kosa (Marta Malikowska) ruled, and in the second, Amfisa (Monika Dawidzuk). – Another character appears, Dorota, played by Gabrysia Muskała. This is a very dangerous and mysterious character who will also have to be faced – announces Kulesza in a conversation with Player.

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Gabriela Muskała in “Skazana 3” will play Dorota Wójcik, who will share a cell with Alicja. The new inmate will want to make friends with her. – After the second season, I thought that the writers would no longer have anything to surprise me with, but it turns out that reading the script really fascinated me. It reads like the best crime novel. I don’t think viewers will be disappointed – says Muskała in an interview with tvn.pl.

In addition to Muskała, Leszek Lichota (Kraszecki), Marek Kalita (Rabczuk), Wojciech Kalarus (Minister), Monika Obara (Guard of Ziętarek) and Barbara Jonak (Anna Rabczuk) joined the cast of “Skazana 3”. We will also see actors known from “Pati”: Konrad Eleryk and Grażyna Bułka.

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“Skazana” is a Player hit

“Skazana” is the most watched production in the history of Player. In 2022, the series was watched on the platform for a total of nearly 5.7 million hours. So far, 70 percent of all Player subscribers have had contact with it. The director of “Skazana” is nominated in 2010 for Oscar Bartosz Konopka (“Absent”, “Under the Surface”, “Deep in the Forest”). The script was based on the motifs of Ewa Ornacka’s novel “Skazana na potępień”. The first season debuted on Player in August 2021, the second – in November 2022. Both seasons were shown on TVN. This spring, a spin-off of “Skazana” appeared in Player. The heroine of “Pati” is Patrycja Cichy (Aleksandra Adamska).

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