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Skierniewice: the police detained three men. They were supposed to carry a 30-year-old girl from whom they were asking for money in the trunk

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The police in Skierniewice (Łódź Province) detained three men who are suspected of imprisoning a 30-year-old woman. – The perpetrators were carrying a woman in the trunk to force her to borrow money – reports Commissioner Magdalena Studniarek from the district headquarters of Skierniewice.

On Wednesday, June 1, a 30-year-old woman came to the district police headquarters in Skierniewice, who said that the day before she had fallen victim to brutal violence. A resident of the Skierniewice poviat said that a 30-year-old friend came to visit her at night.

– She said that it was about an inhabitant of the Godzianów commune, who is well known to the police and was previously noted for conflicts with the law – says Commissioner Magadalena Studniarek from the headquarters in Skierniewice.

Pushed into the trunk

The man came to the victim in the company of two friends.

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The police detained three menPolice in Skierniewice

– He asked for money from a woman. When she said she was gone, she was pushed into the trunk of the car and taken to a neighboring town. There, according to the plan of the perpetrators, she was supposed to get money from her partner for the attackers – says Studniarek.

On the spot, according to the policewoman, the perpetrators allowed her to leave the trunk, but the woman was locked in the car in the back seat.

– When it turned out that the 32-year-old partner was not at home, they took the 30-year-old to Skierniewice to borrow money from a friend – says Magdalena Studniarek.

The suspect is facing up to 5 years in prisonPolice in Skierniewice

When they obtained nothing there, they drove the woman home. A spokeswoman for the Skierniewice police reports that the victim was supposed to be hit several times in her home by a 30-year-old. After that, the attacker was supposed to tie a woman’s hands and gag her mouth.



Police say that they detained all suspects shortly after reporting.

– As it turned out, a few days earlier, the same attackers had threatened the reporting partner. The suspects were charged with imprisonment of a 30-year-old woman, but also forcing her to borrow money, as well as criminal threats against her and her partner – says Magdalena Studniarek.

The most severe punishment for these crimes is five years in prison. The colleagues of the 30-year-old forward are 20 and 21 years old. They have not been punished so far.

The victim appeared on June 1 at the headquarters of Skierniewice

Main photo source: Police in Skierniewice

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