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Skomielna White. Instead of paying a speeding ticket, she wanted to pay a bribe. He will answer in court

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She wanted to settle the matter by throwing banknotes into the police car – she will pay the ticket anyway, but in addition she will answer to the court. A 54-year-old woman who exceeded the speed limit in Skomielna Biała (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) is threatened with up to 10 years in prison. The driver of the Suzuki was arrested by the police. To their surprise, the woman got out of the vehicle, approached the police car and threw PLN 200 through the open window, trying to avoid paying the fine.

On Tuesday, policemen in Skomielna Biała stopped speeding passenger Suzuki cars for inspection. The car was driven by a 54-year-old apartment in the Sucha district, which was punishable by a fine of PLN 300 and five penalty points. However, the woman decided to settle the matter in her own – illegal – way.

Police: the driver wanted to “cancel” the ticket with a bribe

As reported by junior aspirant Dawid Wietrzyk, the press officer of the Myślenice police, the officers ordered the woman to stay in the car for the duration of the inspection. However, she ignored the command.

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– She approached the police car, announced that she was in a hurry to get home and threw PLN 200 into the police vehicle through the open window. Her action had the opposite effect to the intended one, instead of going home, she went to the Myślenice command, Wietrzyk said.

Police officers informed the 54-year-old that she had just committed a crime. The woman has already heard the charge – for “attempting to give a financial advantage in exchange for withdrawal from official duties” she faces up to 10 years in prison.

The driver will also not avoid paying a fine for exceeding the speed limit.

Main photo source: KPP Myslenice

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