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Skoroszyce, voivodeship road No. 401. A truck carrying caustic and toxic substances overturned. On-site services

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In the vicinity of Skoroszyce in the Opole region, a truck with a semi-trailer, carrying 20 tanks – with a capacity of 1,000 liters each – with corrosive and toxic substances, overturned. Two specialized groups and local units of the State Fire Service and Volunteer Fire Brigades work on site, including several dozen firefighters. The road is blocked.

The incident took place on Saturday at around 7 o’clock on the provincial road number 401, near the town of Skoroszyce. For reasons so far unexplained, a truck with a semi-trailer overturned.


20 tanks, each with a capacity of one thousand liters. 50 firefighters in action

– Inside the trailer there were 20 Mauser tanks with a capacity of one thousand liters each, with corrosive and toxic chemicals. There are no major leaks. Two specialist groups work on site – a chemical and ecological rescue group from Kędzierzyn-Koźle and a technical rescue group from Brzeg, which take appropriate protective measures, says Bartłomiej Osuch, spokesman for the fire service in Nysa.

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In addition to specialist groups, there are also local units of the State Fire Service and Volunteer Fire Service. In total, 50 firefighters work there. According to Osuch, the activities may last up to the night.

Nobody was hurt in the accident, the truck driver was not hurt. The provincial road No. 401 is completely blocked, the police have set detours. As the fireman admitted, road conditions are difficult. Snow has been falling in the Opole region since Friday, the road is wet and slippery.

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