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Skubianka. The Russians do not want to give up the center on the Zegrze Reservoir

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The Embassy of the Russian Federation refused to hand over the real estate, informed the Ministry of Climate and Environment in response to a question about the center on the Zegrze Reservoir (Mazowieckie). The lease contract was terminated to the Russians in mid-April.

It is a six-hectare plot of land in Skubianka by Zalew Zegrzyński, about eight kilometers from Serock. Since the 1980s, the property has been leased by. The Russian Federation. Since then, the Russian side has erected buildings on the ground. Monthly, she paid about PLN 12,000 for the lease.

In connection with the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the State Forests in which the plot is located, called the embassy to hand over the property. The lease contract was terminated on April 14. Moreover, as previously reported by the State Forests, from February no funds from the lease have been transferred to the account of the Jabłonna Forest District, which is a party to the contract.

The Russians refused to release the property

The Ministry of Climate and Environment, Hanna Gill-Piątek from the parliamentary club Polska 2050, asked about the center and its future. “Despite the call of the Embassy of the Russian Federation to release the property and take steps to take it over, the Embassy of the Russian Federation refused to release it,” the ministry replied.

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The deputy also asked about the condition of the buildings on the plot. “Due to the fact that the Embassy of the Russian Federation refused to hand over the real estate, it is not possible to verify the technical condition of the center. External inspections indicate a poor technical condition of the facility” – the ministry said.

Therefore, the idea of ​​creating a refugee center there is still in suspense. The document stated that “it became necessary to take civil proceedings to recover the property”. “For these reasons, no plans have been made at the moment regarding the further use of the center” – wrote the Ministry of Climate.

As the mayor of Serocka, Artur Borkowski, said earlier, the recovery of the property could provide “a chance for the commune to use the center for public and social purposes.” The State Forests also think about its future. – If necessary, the center will serve all those who fled Ukraine before the war – announced Michał Gzowski, the press spokesman of the State Forests.

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