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Skwierzyna, road S3. Smelly liquid was pouring out of the truck

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The driver of a truck filled with waste was driving along the S3 expressway. The vehicle left a foul trail behind it – a stinking liquid was pouring out of the hole in the trailer onto the road. The man was detained near Skwierzyna (Lubuskie Province) and fined.

The driver was stopped on the express “three” near Skwierzyna on Friday. Officers of the Road Transport Inspection from Gorzów Wielkopolski were informed by the driver of a passenger car about a truck moving along this route, from which some foul-smelling substance was leaking. After a while, the suspicious truck was stopped for inspection.

As it turned out, the Polish truck was carrying waste. “The driver was transporting almost 24.5 tons of sludge from the sewage treatment plant and slaughterhouse waste” – informs the Provincial Road Transport Inspectorate in Gorzów Wielkopolski.

“He plugged the hole with a screw”

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It turned out that through a small hole in the rear side of the semi-trailer, the liquid cargo was leaking outside the vehicle. “This load not only polluted the road, but also gave off an unpleasant smell. In order to stop the leak, the driver plugged the hole with a screw” – says WITD.

The driver was fined for polluting the road. A financial penalty can also be expected by his boss, who is threatened with a fine of PLN 10,000. The Poviat Crisis Management Center was informed about the leak from the vehicle.

Main photo source: WITD Gorzow

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