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Słopnice, Limanowa poviat. An attack of winter, two-meter snowdrifts. The backhoe had to help

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Snowdrifts, the height of which reached the head of an adult man, covered the Limanowa district (Małopolskie Voivodeship). Over the weekend, the weather in the higher areas was very difficult, and some roads were impassable in places. After the road connecting Słopnice and Kamienica was cleared of snow, high snow “walls” formed along the covered roadway. Access to some properties had to be cleared by an excavator.

The weekend on the roads near Limanowa (Małopolskie Voivodeship) could be extremely difficult for drivers. Due to heavy snowfall, high drifts have formed in places. In the mountains of white powder there were even whole cars covered.

In the photos published by the local portal Limanowa, among othersyou can see snow “walls” created as a result of snow removal, the height of which reached even about two meters.

Snowdrifts in the Limanowa districtLimanowa, among others

Commune office: there was so much snow that the excavator was removing it in places

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The photos were taken in the vicinity of the Mogielica peak – the highest in the Limanowa district. There is a cross-country ski trail and other tourist attractions in the area.

High drifts were formed by the road connecting Słopnice with Kamienica. There has been snowfall in this area for about a week.

Snowdrifts in the Limanowa districtLimanowa, among others

– Snow accumulates on roadsides, then it is leveled by the wind and drifts form, making it difficult to travel. The biggest problem was on Friday and Saturday, today we “opened” the last buried road. In the case of access to one of the buildings for snow removal, an excavator was necessary, because other equipment was unable to cope – says Krzysztof Więcek from the Słopnice Commune Office in an interview with tvn24.pl.

The official points out that “the equipment worked non-stop, except for short breaks when the operators had to rest”. The situation was largely brought under control on Sunday. – All inhabitants already have access to civilization – said Więcek on Monday.

Snowdrifts in the Limanowa districtLimanowa, among others

Fire brigade: single interventions in the Limanowa poviat

Fortunately, despite high snowdrifts and a difficult weather situation, firefighters did not receive too many calls. – We weren’t called very often. In fact, there are single interventions related to, for example, broken branches, but there is no catastrophe. It is certainly harder on less frequented routes in the mountain massifs – the spokesman of the Limanowa fire brigade, Tomasz Pawlik, told us.

However, the snowfall made it necessary for firefighters to intervene throughout the province. – In the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, from Friday to Sunday, we intervened about 180 times. The reports concerned, among other things, broken branches or downed power lines. The most serious incident occurred in Rdzawka, where a wooden house collapsed under the pressure of snow – said on Monday the spokesman for the Małopolska firefighters, senior midshipman Hubert Ciepły.

Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident in Rdzawka. The family of five managed to evacuate.

Main photo source: Limanowa, among others

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