Slovakia. Extraordinary measures regarding the safety of politicians. Opposition thunders


On Thursday, the Slovak Parliament approved a number of regulations aimed at increasing the security of leading politicians in the country. This is a reaction to the assassination attempt on the Prime Minister Robert Ficawhich took place in May this year.

Additional protection measures are set to come into effect on July 15 if approved by the president. Slovakia Peter Pellegrini.

Slovakia. They want to increase the security of politicians. The aftermath of the assassination attempt on the prime minister

According to the Associated Press, in accordance with the regulations approved by parliament, the authorities will have the right to ban rallies protests in front of politicians' houses and residential areas. In addition, demonstrations, if changes are approved, will not be allowed near the seats of government and the president.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs will determine and prepare long-term residences for the Prime Minister, President and Speaker of Parliament, who will be obliged to use them,” it was reported. What is more, increased protection The leaders of all political parties represented in Parliament, the Prosecutor General and the Chief Judge of the Constitutional Tribunal would also be covered.

However, the package of regulations However, opposition politicians and the Amnesty International group did not like itwho believes that this is an attempt to restrict citizens' right to assembly.

Assassination Attempt on Robert Fico. Slovakian Prime Minister Responds to Attack

There was an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of Slovakia 15 houses after the away government meeting in Handlova. As Robert Fico headed towards the gathered crowd, shots rang out. The politician was injured, among others. in the stomach.

Fico was immediately transported to the hospital in Banská Bystrica, where he underwent a five-hour operation. He stayed in the medical facility for two weeks. The shots were fired by Juraj C. – The 71-year-old, who was detained immediately after the attack, explained his act by saying that he did not agree with the government's policy. The man faces 25 years or life imprisonment.

Robert Fico spoke out about the case on June 5, when he posted a video on social media. The Slovak Prime Minister blamed the opposition and “political hate” for the attack, in turn, he called Juraj C. an “activist of the Slovak opposition”, but as he himself admitted, he forgives him. Fico also announced that he would probably return to his duties at the turn of June and July.

Sources: Associated Press, Interia

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