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Slovakia. Peter Pellegrini won the presidential election

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Peter Pellegrini was supported by the nationalist-left ruling coalition. Whereas Ivan Korczok was the candidate of the liberal opposition, which lost the clash with the current Prime Minister Robert Fice in the elections in early October 2023.

Calculations from 100 percent electoral commissions indicate that Pellegrini won 1,409,255 votesresulting in 53,12 proc. votes. His opponent, however, gained 1,243,709 votes i 46,87 proc.

The election forecast prepared by the Median agency – which was carried out before the vote – assumed that Ivan Korczok will win the election 51,1 proc. votes. Pellegrini, on the other hand, could count on it 48,9 proc.

An ally of the current head of government will replace him in office Zuzane Czaputowawhich stood in strong opposition to the current Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Slovakia. Peter Pellegrini wins the presidential elections

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According to Reuters, the stakes in the election were whether Fico will find an ally or an opponent in the Presidential Palacewhich could undermine his skeptical stance towards military aid for Ukrainy and reform plans criminal law and media.

Although the office of president on Slovakia doesn't have many powers executive, then – similarly to Poland – the head of state can veto bills the sue them to the Constitutional Tribunal.

In addition, he nominates judges to the Constitutional Tribunal who can play a role key role in a political dispute regarding the radical reforms pushed by Prime Minister Robert Fico will ease penalties for corruption.

Peter Pellegrini. Robert Fico's long-time ally is the new president

Peter Pellegrini – previously president of parliament – was a long-time member an ally of Robert Fico.

In 2018, he replaced him as Prime Minister of Slovakia when he resigned following public protests against corruption following his assassination. investigative journalist Jan Kuciak.

The new president of our neighbor after some time However, he stopped cooperating with the current prime minister and founded his own party Hlas (Polish: Głos – ed.) – more centrist and liberal than Robert Fico's populist-left SMER. Nevertheless, Hlas after the October 2023 elections formed a government with SMER and the nationalist SNS.

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