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Slovakia – presidential elections. Who won the second round?

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Voting has ended in the second round of the presidential elections in Slovakia, in which there was no clear favorite. The choice was between former diplomat Ivan Korczok and parliament speaker Peter Pellegrini.

According to observers, the elections were a kind of referendum for and against the government of Prime Minister Robert Fico. Former diplomat Ivan Korczok was a citizen's candidate, but he had the support of the opposition. Parliament Speaker Peter Pellegrini is the leader of the Voice-Social Democracy (Hlas-SD) party, which co-creates the government coalition.

Pre-election polls did not indicate a winner. Korczok is 60 years old the winner of the first round of voting held two weeks ago.

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After the polling stations closed, the votes in individual commissions began to be counted. The data is sent to the Slovak Statistical Office, which will gradually publish it.

Voting in the second round of the presidential elections in SlovakiaPAP/EPA/MARTIN DIVISEK

Due to the fact that votes from polling stations in small towns are counted first, the data will most likely indicate Pellegrini's victory. Only later will information begin to arrive from larger cities where Korczok triumphed in the first round. After counting the votes from 30 percent of the premises he wins the elections Pellegrini with the support of 62.33 percent.

According to the forecast of Dennik N (Slovak news portal) based on partial results, Pellegrini won 50.4 percent. votes, and Korczok – 49.6 percent. In turn, the election forecast prepared by the Median agency for Slovak public television, which was prepared before the vote, assumes that Korczok will win the election with 51.1 percent. votes.

Main photo source: PAP/EPA/MARTIN DIVISEK

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