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Slovakia. Prime Minister Robert Fico summarized the collection for Ukraine

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Premier Slovakia Robert Fico he said there's nothing stopping people from doing whatever they want with their money. He also noted that the US has approved $60 billion and the EU has approved tens of billions in aid Ukrainy.

Robert Fico: Nothing will change in Ukraine

Nothing will change in Ukraine, it will be the same in a year or two. All the money will be spent, some may be stolenbut nothing will change in Ukraine and we will be in the same place – he said, quoted by the Ukrainska Pravda website.

Fico also said that it would be better if the country established “collections for cancer patients rather than for bombs and ammunition.”

“Fico insulted all supporters of the initiative”

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The creators of the fundraiser from the “Peace to Ukraine” group responded to the Prime Minister's words. As they assessed, “Fico insulted all supporters of the initiative“. They pointed out that the Prime Minister's statement was perceived as a “toxic message for the Czech side”, which reacted positively to the collection.

“Our main goal was symbolic joining of Slovakia to the Czech initiative, which was achieved. We have shown that Slovakia is not cowardly and ungrateful,” it was noted.

Slovaks support the purchase of ammunition for Ukraine

The fundraiser of the “Peace in Ukraine” group was established in mid-April. In a conversation with journalists, the organizers said that they would like to raise one million euros. Their goal was achieved less than 48 hours after the collection was launched. – To a sign of resistance of Slovak society against the government and foreign policy of Robert Fico – commented Zuzana Izsakova from the “Peace to Ukraine” group.

As announced by the initiatorsa collection to support the Czech initiative, which involves the purchase of a significant amount of ammunition for Ukraine, will be continued. Prime Minister Fico refused to join Slovakia to the Czech initiative. As he assessed, “Western policy is only to arm Ukraine prolongs the conflict“.

Source: Ukrainska Pravda

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