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Slovakia. Robert Fico attacked. The court decided on the suspect's fate

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The 71-year-old's interrogation took place on Saturday. Court spokeswoman Katarina Kudjakova earlier said that the prosecutor requested the suspect's detention pending trial for attempted premeditated murder.

The case is being dealt with by a special court in Pezinek near Bratislava, where trials of the most serious crimes are held. We already know that it was decided to apply temporary arrest. The court justified its decision with the possibility of the accused escaping and continuing his criminal activities.

However, the court spokeswoman did not inform whether Juraj C. pleaded guilty or rejected such a charge. Moreover, the judge did not accept the 71-year-old's written promise. He also dismissed the application for probation supervision and mediation. The court's decision is not final.

Robert Fico was shot several times by a 71-year-old man on Wednesday, May 15, after a government meeting when he approached a small group of people outside. The injured man was taken to hospital in Banská Bystrica, where he underwent surgery that lasted several hours.

The assassination of Robert Fico. New health information

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At the same time, it was reported that the politician was in a condition that directly threatened his life. Prime Minister on Friday Slovakia he underwent another two-hour surgery.

The situation is still very serious – said on Friday Slovak Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Robert Kalinak.

Prime Minister Robert Fico's condition is stable but very serious. Yesterday's operation, which lasted two hours, contributed to the improvement of the condition – the latest news was provided by the Slovak Minister of Health, Zuzana Dolinkova, on Saturday.

In turn, the head of the Slovak Ministry of National Defense added that in Banská Bystrica, “several miracles have occurred in recent days, which we owe to doctors, nurses and the entire hospital staff.”

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