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Slovakia, Tatras. The 18-year-old broke his leg skiing. A helicopter was landing

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Rescuers of the Horska Zachranna Serwis in the Slovak Tatra Mountains rescued an 18-year-old boy who broke his leg while skiing. The injury turned out to be so serious that a helicopter flew to pick up the young man and transported him to the hospital.

The accident on the southern slope of Chłopek on the Slovak side of the border took place on Tuesday morning. Rescuers of the Horska Zachranna Serwis (HZS) – the Slovak equivalent of TOPR – were called to an 18-year-old who suffered a serious injury.

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Rescuers: the injuries were very serious

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According to the HZS rescuers, the young man broke his femur while skiing. The injuries were so severe that a helicopter was called to the scene.

Helicopter of the Horska Western ServiceHorská záchranná service

“The HZS paramedics on duty at the ski resort provided the boy with immediate medical assistance, bandaged the injured limb and administered an inhaled painkiller (…) to alleviate the pain” – we read in the release.

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The 18-year-old was taken from the scene of the accident in a sleigh to a place where a helicopter could land. He was then transported by helicopter to the hospital in Banská Bystrica.

Main photo source: Horská záchranná service

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