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Slovakia. The head of the central bank, Peter Kazmir, was found guilty of corruption by the court

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The head of the Slovak central bank, former finance minister Peter Kazmir has been found guilty of corruption by a court. He was supposed to deliver an envelope with around 50,000 euros to the former head of the tax and customs administration, Frantiszek Imreczy. A fine of €100,000 was imposed. The prosecutor’s office appealed against the sentence, which means that there will be a full trial.

According to Slovak law, the judge, having analyzed the evidence submitted in the investigation and being fully convinced of the guilt of the accused, may issue a verdict without a full trial. Judge Milan Cisarik found Kaźmir guilty and fined him 100,000 zlotys. euro. Failure to pay it means a two-year prison sentence.

However, the prosecutor’s office appealed against this judge’s decision and Kazimir will be tried in proceedings in which the parties may call witnesses and present evidence.

A call to resign

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The media emphasize that although the judge’s decision is not final and has already been challenged by the prosecutor’s office, for the first time in Slovakia a politician holding one of the highest positions in the country, a former finance minister for many years, was found guilty. Prime Minister Eduard Heger called on the head of the National Bank of Slovakia to resign. He pointed out that Slovakia is a member euro area and thus Kaźmir is a member of the Board of Governors of the European Central Bank, which determines the financial policy of the zone. It is impossible for President Zuzana Czaputova to dismiss Kaźmir from office before a final court verdict.

Accusations against Peter Kaźmir

According to the available information, the allegations against Kaźmir concern the period when he was the minister of finance and was supposed to demand a favorable decision from the head of the tax administration regarding the dismissal of one of the companies.

Kazmir denies these allegations.

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