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Slovakia: trial after fatal accident in which 5Slovak was killed. Before a court of two Poles, the third agreed to a settlement

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A trial has started in a Slovak court after an accident in which a 57-year-old Slovak was killed. He was traveling with his family when luxury cars with Polish license plates arrived from the opposite direction – at irregular speed. One of them collided head-on with the 57-year-old’s Skoda. Two Poles were brought before the court, the third had voluntarily submitted himself to punishment before.

The accident happened at the end of September 2018. Investigation in the case about which on tvn24.pl we wrote many times, was conducted by the police under the supervision of the national (provincial) prosecutor’s office in Žilina. The prosecutor’s accusations of causing a traffic hazard and causing – in the vicinity of Dolny Kubin na Slovakia – the death of a 57-year-old father of the family, was heard by three Poles who were driving on Slovak roads on the tragic day. The harshest penalty is threatened by Marcin L., who collided head-on with a Skoda in which a man driving from the opposite direction with his family was killed.

– Deliberately exposes people to risk of death or serious injury to bystanders. This crime is punishable by 15 to 20 years imprisonment, said prosecutor Martin Kokles, a representative of the national (provincial) prosecutor’s office in Žilina.

After the accident, Marcin L. was arrested, from which he was released on June 6, 2019, after paying a bail of EUR 25,000. Initially, there were also two other Poles in the cell, including Adam Sz., Who was overtaking driving straight to the Skoda. Moments before the accident, he braked to avoid a head-on collision. Then a Porsche struck the rear of his car, which then hit a Skoda.

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Yellow Ferrari involved in the accidentSlovak police

Slovak prosecutors found that the other two Poles also deliberately exposed people to the risk of death or serious injury. For this, he is threatening from four to 10 years in prison.


The Slovak court will rule on the guilt of two, not three Poles. Prosecutor Martin Kokles informed that Slovak investigators presented a proposal for a settlement on guilt and penalty for the accused, which one of the Polish drivers agreed to.

– In such a case, with the application of the provisions of the Penal Code on extraordinary reduction of the penalty, they could be offered a penalty of one third below the lower limit provided for in the regulations – said Kokles.

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The tragedy happened in 2018Slovak police

Rally on Slovak roads

On September 30, 2018, Marcin L.’s Porsche and four other luxury cars with Polish license plates were already on their way to Poland. Everyone was back after a weekend overseas. It was supposed to be – as the organizer, Łukasz K. encouraged before the expedition – a way to use “the remnants of good weather”. During the tour, Poles visited – as the organizer wrote – “picturesque places in Slovakia”.

The route taken by drivers from PolandTVN24

– At the time of the trip, the rule was “follow the leader”. It consists in the fact that all participants of the trip follow the organizer in the previously adopted order. The participants of the expedition should not overtake each other – a friend of a suspected Porsche driver told us shortly after the accident.

Stefan, a 57-year-old Slovak, died seven kilometers from his recently built home. On that day, he was supposed to take his 21-year-old son to Žilina to study. The boy was sitting in the back. After the accident he quickly opened the door and leaped to the front of the car, where his badly injured mother was. Father was already unconscious.

The accident happened near the border

Main photo source: Slovak police

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