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Slovakia. Vegetarian fox from the Tatra Mountains. It takes food from squirrels and birds

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A fox called a rusty vegetarian lives in the Slovak Tatras. However, this pseudonym did not come without a reason. She was caught red-handed picking apples and corn intended for squirrels and birds. It is known thanks to one of the cameras transmitting the activities of local animals.

In the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, there is an association kukaj.sk that feeds wild animals. On its website, it shows images from cameras set up in various locations, where these animals can be watched, for example, when they are just feeding.

A dozen or so places where the employees of the association leave food for forest animals are visited by very different guests. However, the fox, a typical predator, may be a bit of a surprise. It feeds on whatever is prepared for birds and squirrels.

– Eco, bio, raw food is fashionable now and it seems that the fox knows the trends. He eats everything – first apples, then corn – said Ivan Darani from the association. The fox was called the “rusty vegetarian”.

Vegetarian fox in SlovakiaENEX

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Vegetarian fox in SlovakiaENEX

Surprising preferences

‘We may find it funny, but when animals want to survive and find that they have food available, it’s easier for them to use corn instead of catching mice,’ said Miroslav Saniga, naturalist at the Institute of Forest Ecology of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. As Darani added, if hunger is pressing, even a badger will be tempted by an easily accessible and quick meal.

A lot also depends on the season. “For example, an otter that specializes in meat foods such as trout and geese, also likes to nibble a little currant or gooseberry in the summer,” Saniga explained. – And if we see a marten eating our apples, we don’t have to call the vet right away that she probably fell on her head from that apple tree and is not eating what it should – he added.

The incredible appetite of the animals often contributed to the fact that the camera image disappeared for several hours. The blame was always placed on martens, which, apart from eating, liked to play in the cables.

Main photo source: ENEX

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