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Slovenia. STA: The Krsko nuclear power plant will be shut down due to a leak in the cooling system

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A nuclear power plant in eastern Slovenia, located 50 kilometers from the Croatian capital Zagreb, was shut down on Thursday due to a leak in the reactor cooling system, the Slovenian news agency STA reported. Meanwhile, plans are already underway to build the second reactor of the power plant, co-owned by Croatia.

“In order to accurately identify the source of the leak and determine further steps, the power plant must be shut down, so the operational team will begin a controlled, gradual reduction in power,” said the operator of the power plant, quoted by the Slovenian news agency STA.

It is not known how long the power plant will be shut down. The unit has been operating continuously since renovation in 2022. “The leak has no impact on employees, the population or the environment and is below the permissible value specified in the technical specifications,” the gym said.

Nuclear power plant in Krsko TVN24

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Slovakia plans to build the power plant’s second reactor

The Krsko nuclear power plant is the only plant of this type in Slovenialocated in the east of the country, about 20 kilometers from the border with Croatia. Its construction began in 1975, and eight years later it began commercial operation.

Although the nuclear reactor (produced by the American company Westinghouse) was supposed to operate for 40 years, after this period, in 2023, the Ministry of the Environment approved the extension of its operation for another 20 years.

Currently, plans are being made to build a second reactor in the power plant co-owned by Croatia.

Main photo source: TVN24, photo: PAP

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