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Słubice. A drunk driver caused four accidents

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He sat behind the wheel with 3.5 per mille of alcohol in the body. Effect? He damaged three cars, and at the end on a straight section he drove into the barriers. There, witnesses took away his keys. As it turned out, the 51-year-old was going to the store for alcohol.

The civil detention of the driver took place on Friday in Słubice (Lubuskie Voivodeship). The man crashed his Mazda against the railings on a straight section of the road, and previously caused three other road accidents in which he also damaged other vehicles.

He was prevented from driving further by the witnesses of the event, who pulled the completely drunk driver out of the car and handed it over to the traffic policemen summoned to the scene.

Witnesses prevented the driver from continuing his journeyLubusz police

He was banned from driving

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– It turned out that the 51-year-old had 3.5 per mille of alcohol in his body, and the police system showed that he was banned from driving any motor vehicles. The detained driver informed the police that he had run out of alcohol and decided to drive the car to the store for supplies, said Asp. Agnieszka Kaczmarek from the Poviat Police Headquarters in Słubice.

The driver crashed into the barriersLubusz police

The 51-year-old was arrested. The court will decide his fate.

The attitude of the witnesses of the incident is praised by the police and asks that they follow their example. – Let’s not be indifferent, react and inform the police when we see that someone under the influence of alcohol intends to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. In this way, we can prevent accidents on the road. Let’s keep the roads safe together! Kaczmarek appeals.

Main photo source: Lubusz police

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