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Slupsk. He kept more than 20 guns in the apartment. Neighbors heard shots, counter-terrorist intervention and charges against the 42-year-old

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A 42-year-old from Słupsk, who kept 23 weapons in his apartment, was charged and placed under police surveillance. The man was arrested after his neighbors heard a gunshot-like bang and called the police. Counter-terrorists entered one of the apartments and found a whole arsenal inside.

The incident was reported to the Municipal Police Headquarters in Słupsk on Friday, July 21, at approx. 20. – A resident of one of the streets in Słupsk reported sounds that resembled a gunshot – reported on Saturday the press officer of the Słupsk police, junior asp. Jakub Baginski.

The uniforms determined from which apartment the noises were coming from and secured the indicated area. Officers of the Independent Counter-Terrorist Subdivision of the Police also arrived at the site, who – at approx. 1 am – they went inside and detained the 42-year-old. Their intervention was necessary because the man did not want to let uniformed officers into the apartment. Residents of the block were evacuated during police actions.

42-year-old with police supervision

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In the 42-year-old’s apartment, 23 weapons were found, including gas and bang weapons. – It will be analyzed in terms of the legality of its possession – reported the junior aspirant Jakub Bagiński, the press officer of the Słupsk police.

The man was arrested and brought to the District Prosecutor’s Office in Słupsk. There he was interrogated. The prosecutor placed him under police surveillance and banned him from leaving the country. As unofficially established by the Polish Press Agency, the 42-year-old was charged with possession of three units of gas weapons and ammunition without a permit.

The 42-year-old had no previous convictions. Pursuant to the Penal Code, anyone who possesses a firearm without the required permit is liable to imprisonment for up to eight years.

“Something horrible”. People are afraid for the future

The reporter of “Fakty” TVN, Jan Błaszkowski, was told about the case by the local residents.

– For me, this is something terrible. I (something – ed.) have never seen such a thing in my life, and I lived 94 years – said Mrs. Genowefa. The recordings recorded by another resident show how counter-terrorists forcefully enter the 42-year-old’s apartment. There is police tape on the outside of the building. – (I felt – ed.) fear. I don’t know whether to go out or not, says Teresa.

The photos we received show a man standing on a balcony holding a gun-like object pointing upwards, and gunshots can be heard.

The reporter of “Fakty” TVN reached a man who, according to neighbors, was shooting. The man, however, did not answer questions about why he behaved this way.

Neighbors heard a gunshot, police found nearly 20 weapons in one of the apartmentsTVN24

Main photo source: Contact24

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