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Smog in Poland. Air pollution standards exceeded. RCB alerts – who will receive them, what they mean. Check what air you breathe

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RCB (Government Security Center) announced that it will send a new type of SMS alert, warning residents of specific counties about exceeding air pollution standards.

The Government Center for Security intends to launch an alert against a very bad air condition. SMS alerts will be sent to people staying in the poviats where the alarm level for the PM10 suspended dust concentration in the air is forecast to be exceeded.


RCB smog alert. Who will get it? What will its content be? What will it mean?

According to the information provided by the RCB, warnings will be sent when the forecast of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (CIEP) indicates that in a given poviat there is a risk of exceeding the average daily concentration of PM10 suspended dust above 150 micrograms per cubic meter.

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“This value was determined by the ordinance of the Minister of the Environment of October 8, 2019, amending the regulation on the levels of certain substances in the air. The risk of exceeding this concentration for PM10 suspended dust in the air will be the basis for launching the RCB Alert” – informed.

According to the ordinance of the Minister of the Environment, from October 11, 2019, the smog alarm is announced when the daily average value of 150 micrograms per cubic meter for PM10 dust is exceeded (previously it was 300 micrograms). The so-called the information level is 100 micrograms; means more than twice the daily quality standard for PM10 at 45 micrograms.

The RCB indicated in the announcement that the CIEP warnings are prepared on the basis of the results of measurements from air quality monitoring stations operating under the State Environmental Monitoring (SEM), meteorological forecasts and air pollution forecasts made by the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute.

RCB smog alert. What will its content be?

“People staying in the area covered by the RCB Alert will receive an SMS with the following text: Attention! Today (date) bad air quality in terms of particulate matter is forecasted. Give up outdoor activities” – reads the release.

At the same time it was indicated that the wording of the warning “may be slightly changed”.

“The announcements will also be published on an ongoing basis on the website of the Government Center for Security and on the Centre’s profiles in social media” – it was noted.

Air pollutionPolish Smog Alert

WHO recommendations

The recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that the permissible daily concentration for PM10 dust should not exceed 45 micrograms per cubic meter.

The persistence of pollutants in the air is favored by windless weather at low temperatures and high atmospheric pressure.

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