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Smog. Opole Province. The air quality may deteriorate. Warning [14 listopada 2021]

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The air quality in the Opolskie Voivodeship may deteriorate. On Sunday and Monday, there is a risk of exceeding the level of information about suspended dust PM10 – informed the Regional Department of Environmental Monitoring in Opole. The warning affects approximately 67,000 inhabitants.


On Sunday and Monday, the information level for PM10 particulate matter may be exceeded in the Opolskie Voivodeship. This is reported in the announcement of the Regional Department of Environmental Monitoring in Opole of the Chief Inspectorate for Environmental Protection.

The risk area covers: the eastern and north-eastern part of the city of Opole; part of the Opole poviat area in the communes of: Chrząstowice, Zawada and Łubniany; the central part of the Nysa poviat, together with the city of Nysa; the area in the south-eastern part of the Głubczyce poviat and the city of Głubczyce and the areas in the southern part of the Kędzierzyńsko-Kozielski poviat.

As reported in the announcement, the area covered by the warning is inhabited by about 67,000 people.

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Pursuant to the ordinance of the Minister of the Environment of 2019, the smog alarm is announced when the daily average value of 150 µg / m3 (micrograms per cubic meter) for PM10 dust is exceeded, the information level is set at 100 µg / m3.

When the air is of good quality

We speak of good-quality air when the concentrations of harmful dusts do not exceed: – in the case of PM10 dust – 60 micrograms per cubic meter (µg / m3); – in the case of PM2.5 dust – 36 µg / m3; – in the case of benzene – 10 µg / m3.

Air quality in Poland

On Sunday at 4 p.m. in several Polish cities the air quality described as unhealthy was recorded. At the measuring station in Zielona Góra, the concentration of PM10 dust was 72 µg / m3, and the concentration of PM2.5 – 65 µg / m3. In Przemyśl, the concentration of PM10 was 69 µg / m3 and PM2.5 was 66 µg / m3. At the station in Kłodzko, the concentration of PM10 was 66 µg / m3 and the concentration of PM2.5 60 µg / m3. In Szamotuły, the PM10 concentration reached 68 µg / m3, and PM2.5 – 65 µg / m3.

In many other cities, especially in terms of PM2.5 dust, the air was of average quality.

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