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Smolensk disaster – 14th anniversary. Jarosław Kaczyński, president of PiS – speech, talks about “coup”

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On the 14th anniversary of the Smolensk disaster, Jarosław Kaczyński repeated the thesis that it was an attack and argued that Antoni Macierewicz's subcommittee “presented evidence” in this case. However, he did not explain what alleged evidence he was referring to. – It was Putin's attack. As for the participation of others, maybe it is still ahead of us so that we know about it – added the PiS president.

Wednesday is the 14th anniversary of the Smolensk disaster. On this occasion, in the evening, PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński spoke in front of the Presidential Palace.

He said that the policy pursued by his brother, President Lech Kaczyński, was “certainly” one of the reasons for “this tragedy, this attack.” – Because you have to use the word “coup” here. Yes, it was a tragedy, but it was an attack. But there was also another part, another aspect of his politics. This aspect was an attempt, on the one hand, to weaken our most dangerous enemy, i.e. Russia, through various types of constructions, especially in the field of energy – continued the PiS president.

Kaczyński: it was Putin's attack, and as for the involvement of others, we still have to find out

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Kaczyński also referred to the actions of Antoni Macierewicz and the now liquidated Smolensk subcommittee led by him. – I still hear, even today I heard from various journalists who harassed me: “well, Mr. Antoni Macierewicz's commission did not present evidence of the attack.” Well, she presented evidence. It was an attack. We need to know about it and have the courage to talk about it, because many people in Poland know it very well. And some (…) knew from the very beginning. Only interest or lack of determination and courage prevents them from talking about it. And that is why we have to talk about it today, Kaczyński continued.

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– It was an attack. It was Putin's coup. As for the participation of others, maybe it's still ahead of us to know about it. But I repeat, this is part of the task, very important, but the main (task – ed.) is a strong nation, a strong Poland, a united part of Europe. United, of course, not in the sense of building some superstate, but in the sense of a firm alliance with a serious role for our state, our nation. Let's go this way, but first we have to defeat those with a sign that has meant a lot in Polish history for over 40 years, but today it has taken on a new meaning, we have to defeat those from December 13, said the PiS president.

The head of the prosecutors' team investigating the causes of the disaster

On Tuesday, in the “Black and White” program on TVN24, Piotr Świerczek's report “The Power of the Investigation” premiered, which is also available on TVN24 GO. In the material, prosecutor Krzysztof Schwartz, head of the Investigative Team No. 1, appointed by Zbigniew Ziobro to investigate the causes of the Smolensk disaster, talked about his work after nearly seven years of silence.

He also explained why he regretted joining it. He revealed that experts found no evidence that there was an explosion on board the plane. Meanwhile, Antoni Macierewicz, using some of the prosecutor's materials publicly, argued during the presentation of his report that an explosion had occurred. There are more such contradictions.

I don't think the prosecutor's office could lie so brazenly – this is Antoni Macierewicz's reaction to the information that the prosecutor's office has not yet found evidence of an explosion in the Polish plane that crashed on April 10, 2010 in Smolensk. Macierewicz and PiS have been building their Smolensk lie on the alleged explosion for years.

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