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Smolensk disaster. Antoni Macierewicz's investigation. Deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense: everything was done to turn the lie into truth

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We are halfway through document analysis. Thousands of documents are financial materials about how public money was actually wasted in Antoni Macierewicz's commission, how everything was done to prove the lie – said Deputy Minister of National Defense Cezary Tomczyk in a special edition of “Black on White” on the 14th anniversary of the Smolensk disaster. He also announced applications to the prosecutor's office against Macierewicz and former head of the Ministry of National Defense, Mariusz Błaszczak. Izabella Sariusz-Skąpska, daughter of Andrzej Sariusz-Skąpski, who died in the tragedy, also spoke about her feelings about the investigation into the Smolensk disaster.

14 years ago, on April 10, 2010, 96 people died in the crash of the Tu-154M plane near Smolensk, including President Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria, the highest commanders of the Polish Army, the last President of the Republic of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, representatives of the Katyn Families, politicians and crew members. The Polish delegation was heading to the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre.

On Wednesday, during a special edition of the “Black and White” program, in reference to the report “The Power of the Investigation” by Piotrek Świerczek, the investigation into the disaster was discussed by Izabella Sariusz-Skąpska, daughter of Andrzej Sariusz-Skąpski, who died in the crash, Deputy Minister of National Defense Cezary Tomczyk, Col. res. Ph.D. Adrian Siadkowski, former member of the Smolensk subcommittee and author of the report Piotr Świerczek.

The report “The Power of the Investigation” premiered on TVN24 on Tuesday in “Black and White”, it is also available on TVN24 GO. In the material, prosecutor Krzysztof Schwartz, head of the Investigative Team No. 1, established to investigate the causes of the Smolensk disaster, talked about his work after nearly seven years of silence. He also explained why he regretted joining it.

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Antoni Macierewicz, who headed the Smolensk subcommittee, was also invited to Wednesday's program. He did not take advantage of this invitation.

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Tomczyk: everything was done to turn the lie into truth

Cezary Tomczyk, Deputy Minister of National Defense, commented on the material broadcast on Tuesday. He announced that the prosecutor's office would receive notices against Antoni Macierewicz and Mariusz Błaszczak, who appointed the Smolensk subcommittee. – Mariusz Błaszczak was informed that things were going wrong in the commission, yet he did not take any steps to counteract it. (…) People who destroyed the Tupolev plane in Poland, who destroyed evidence, must be held accountable – said Deputy Minister Tomczyk on TVN24.

– Until now, many state institutions, including the prosecutor's office, were politicized in such a way that people who could tell it like it was were unable to do so. They were either afraid of their fate, or they were afraid of their superiors, or for some other reason they simply did not tell it like it was. One thing is certain – what the prosecutor said is reflected in the materials available to Colonel (Leszek) Błach's team, which was created by the Minister of Defense to explain the activities of Antoni Macierewicz's commission, said Tomczyk.

– The lie was the beginning, it was the founding act of Macierewicz and the PiS camp, which was supposed to make some people believe in the opinion about the attack, even though no facts confirmed it and no facts confirm it. It's very good that the prosecutor simply told it like it is, he added.

According to Tomczyk, “everything was done to turn the lie into truth.” He noted that the team appointed by Deputy Prime Minister Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz “will complete its work by June 30.” – We are currently halfway through document analysis. That's 20 thousand. documents, including 13 thousand The documents are financial materials about how public money was actually wasted in the Macierewicz commission, how everything was done to prove the lie – said the deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense.

– All materials in the Smolensk subcommittee on Kolska Street were secured by the Military Police and were transferred to the team headed by Colonel Błach – he said. – The material that you will soon see, and which we have already had the opportunity to show to some extent, is shocking. This is material that clearly shows that everything was done to turn a lie into truth. Something that should never happen in a democracy, says Tomczyk.

– The best remedy, the best antidote to a lie is the truth. We just want to show the bare facts in this matter. It is not a matter of opinion, it is a matter of experts, it is a matter of evidence, it is a matter of documents. These documents are unambiguous, the documents clearly show that Antoni Macierewicz had bad intentions in this matter from the very beginning – he said.

Deputy Minister of Defense about two important documents

He announced that a document signed by Bartłomiej Misiewicz – Macierewicz's collaborator – will be published today. – This is a document on the basis of which the Military Police took Mr. Miller's report from virtually all administrative units of the Polish state in order to erase with an eraser everything that Polish specialists and Polish prosecutors did in the Smolensk case. So that there would be no trace – said Tomczyk.

– The second material that I would like to show you and which was also mentioned in the material and in the document, is the Tupolev cassation protocol. The cassation protocol, which clearly shows that Tupolev, the number 2 in Poland, was simply destroyed by the Macierewicz commission. A document that shows that the plane, which was freshly renovated and worth about PLN 50 million, was cut up by people who never investigated plane crashes, he said.

Cezary Tomczyk about the Smolensk disaster TVN24

Sariusz-Skąpska: yesterday's material was shocking to me

Izabella Sariusz-Skąpska was critical of prosecutor Krzysztof Schwartz's statement in Piotr Świerczek's material. – Yesterday's material was shocking to me. The narrative and the idea that the prosecutor is breaking his silence is shocking. What silence? The prosecutor is running away from responsibility, she said.

She admitted that she was waiting for “the National Prosecutor's Office and the Minister of Justice to take both disciplinary and legal steps against Investigation Team No. 1, against prosecutors who, on a clear political mandate, undertook an absurd investigation lasting many years.”

According to her, Schwartz “began to present himself as a victim of this investigation.” – He started talking about being tired, he started talking about patches, about hysteria, about Polish hell. I have a lot of questions for Mr. Attorney Schwartz. Does the prosecutor remember those nights of exhumation in which he participated? Does he remember when prosecutors came to meet with families? – she asked.

– Maybe Prosecutor Schwartz could answer how many exhumation documents he signed? (…) When will they be buried in a dignified manner? And their surprise that these are no longer bodies, these are evidence in the investigation, she said.

– Can any of you imagine that one of the greatest moments of my life was when I received the information that my father's body had been cremated? I was sitting in Planty and screaming like a baby because I said (to my father – ed.): “They can't do anything to you anymore,” she said.

– Is Prosecutor Schwartz tired? “Oh no, prosecutor Schwartz is co-responsible,” she added.

When asked whether she would take up the prosecutor's invitation to a meeting on April 25, she said he “did not write what he had to tell us.” – Why should I go there? To see this man whom I saw in tragic circumstances? I saw him the night my father was exhumed. Would I like to see someone like that? Yes, I want to see him – as a man who will be held accountable for his participation in this – she said.

– He (prosecutor Schwartz – ed.) said yesterday that he would shed crocodile tears about the destruction of pieces of metal that came from Tupolev. And isn't he interested in how I feel when I know that the cells from my father's body are somewhere as a preparation and as evidence in the investigation? – she added.

Świerczek: We have often said how Macierewicz manipulates public opinionTVN24

Świerczek: We have often said how Macierewicz manipulates public opinion

Piotr Świerczek recalled that Antoni Macierewicz received an invitation to the studio, which he did not take advantage of. – He had a chance to comment on all my materials, including what prosecutor Schwartz said, and again he did not take advantage of the invitation. He prefers to insult us in the parliamentary corridor or during celebrations on Krakowskie Przedmieście, said Świerczek.

– We have already talked many times about how Antoni Macierewicz manipulates public opinion, how he hides evidence that is inconvenient for him, and it was clearly outlined in these materials – he added.

Col. reserve dr hab. Adrian Siadkowsk

Col. Siadkowski: inconvenient facts were hidden

Col. reserve dr hab. Adrian Siadkowski, who was a member of the Smolensk subcommittee, said that despite all the findings and the lack of evidence of an explosion, “the Polish hell, quoting prosecutor Schwartz, will continue.” – I very much regret that Minister Macierewicz is not here in this studio today. I would love to confront him, he said. He added that “after the subcommittee finished its work, after not signing the report” he did not see Macierewicz.

– It's like this: if you have a preconceived thesis, every time you repeat the test, you will achieve the intended effect – he said. He added that he himself is an “expert and scientist” and that “we conduct research in accordance with the methodology, not based on a thesis.” Col. Siadkowski was the only one who did not sign the report on the Smolensk disaster.

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When asked whether he received “messages” that suggested carrying out tests until the thesis about the explosion was confirmed, the colonel said that “there was another course of action.” – There were no direct messages or clear suggestions, but actions that were inconvenient or did not fit the general (assumption – ed.) were hidden – he said.

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