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Smolensk disaster. How much did the Ministry of National Defense pay Luis Moreno Ocampo for trying to remove the wreck?

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The Polish Ministry of National Defense paid Argentine prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo almost PLN 300,000 for preparing a legal expert opinion on the return of the Tu-154M wreck, Wirtualna Polska reveals. The contract with the lawyer was to be concluded by Antoni Macierewicz in March 2017. The wreck of the presidential Tupolev remains in Russia to this day.

In March 2017 Ministry of National Defence signed an agreement with Argentine lawyer Luis Moreno-Ocampo, former prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague. It was concluded personally by the then head of the Ministry of National Defence, Antoni Macierewicz – according to a comment from the Ministry of National Defense sent to the Wirtualna Polska portal. The subject of the agreement was: “to analyze, in an independent and impartial manner, the legal routes that may be used by the Republic of Poland in recovering the wreck of the Tu-154 government plane after the disaster in 2010.”

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WP: The Ministry of National Defense paid an Argentine lawyer nearly PLN 300,000. zloty

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As Ocampo himself admitted in 2017, he concluded the contract with the Polish Ministry of National Defense after “a student called him and asked if he could help Poland”. This student was Edmund Janniger, advisor to the then head of the Ministry of National Defense, and a student at Rutgers University. Then there was a personal meeting with Macierewicz.

Luis Moreno-OcampoArnd Wiegmann / Reuters / Forum

The Ministry of National Defense responded to questions about the amount of the contract signed with Moreno-Ocampo He avoided answering for years, covering, among others, the content of the Act on the Protection of Classified Information. The ministry responded only after the change of government. According to the response published on WP.pl by Bianka Mikołajewska, the amount paid to LLC Moreno Ocampo was exactly PLN 297,255.

“Moreno-Ocampo presented Minister Antoni Macierewicz with numerous reports containing analysis on the further investigation of the Smolensk crash, with particular emphasis on the issue of returning the plane wreckage,” according to an archived comment by Marta Palonek, spokeswoman for the Subcommittee to Re-Investigate the Aircraft Accident, quoted by WP. However, the wreck of the presidential Tu-154M remains in Russia to this day.

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Deputy Minister Tomczyk on the costs of the Smolensk subcommittee

On Friday, in the Sejm, the deputy minister at the Ministry of National Defense Cezary Tomczyk answered MPs’ questions about the costs of Antoni Macierewicz’s Smolensk subcommittee and the effects of its work. As he said, The entire operation of the subcommittee cost PLN 33 million. However, the deputy minister emphasized that this was not a closed amount. – The second Tupolev was destroyed, cut up with a grinder as part of grotesque experiments by people who had never investigated air accidents. (…) The plane, which was freshly renovated, was destroyed. State property worth PLN 50 million was destroyed – said the deputy head of the Ministry of National Defense, emphasizing that the costs of destroying the plane were not included in the total amount of PLN 33 million.

Tomczyk also recalled that in January, a team was established by the Ministry of National Defense to assess the functioning of the Smolensk subcommittee. As he added, he will not only handle the audit of the Macierewicz subcommittee. – This new team was created to focus on prevention and ensure safety in the future. Flight safety and prevention cannot be based on erroneous premises and a false report, he said.

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Investigation of the crash of a government Tupolev near Smolensk

On April 10, 2010, in the crash of the Tu-154M government plane near Smolensk, all passengers and crew members died – 96 people, including the president. Lech Kaczynski and his wife. The Polish delegation was heading to the ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the Katyn massacre.

In 2010-2011 the reasons Smolensk disaster The accident was investigated by the State Aviation Accident Investigation Commission chaired by the then head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Jerzy Miller. In the report presented in July 2011, the commission determined that the cause of the disaster was the descent below the minimum descent altitude, which resulted in the plane colliding with trees, leading to the gradual destruction of the Tu-154M structure. According to the commission, neither the sound recorders nor the flight parameters confirm the thesis of an explosion on board the plane.

Disaster in SmolenskPAP/Maciej Zieliński

The subcommittee for the re-examination of the Smolensk disaster was established under the regulation of February 4, 2016 signed by the then Minister of National Defense Antoni Macierewicz. It was dissolved on December 15, 2023, just after the government took power Donald Tusk. The work of Macierewicz’s subcommittee was examined by Piotr Świerczek, a journalist from “Black and white” TVN24. In the report “The Power of a Lie”, he showed recordings, photos and international expert opinions on the disaster, which – although commissioned by Macierewicz’s subcommittee – were never included in its reports, including the last one, which was supposed to be the final report. These materials either directly exclude the attack or point to the disaster as the cause of the tragedy. Świerczek also talked to people who worked for the subcommittee, but they did not agree with its conclusions that an attack took place in Smolensk.

On Friday, after the decision of the new management of the ministry, Jerzy Miller’s report was returned to the press website of the Ministry of National Defense and is currently the only valid report on the Smolensk disaster.

Wirtualna Polska, TVN24.pl

Main photo source: Arnd Wiegmann / Reuters / Forum, Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

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