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Snails as big as rabbits in Tenerife. They carry dangerous diseases

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The authorities of the Canary Islands are concerned about the health of residents and tourists. All because of the huge snails of the species Lissachatina fulica. These molluscs are an invasive species that can transmit diseases such as meningitis and salmonellosis.

In the Canary Islands, and in particular Tenerife, a giant land snail of the species Lissachatina fulica. According to the Invasive Alien Species Detection Network (RedEXOS), it is a dangerous invasive species from East Africa.

“They reach the size of a rabbit, they are dangerous,” reported the Canarian daily La Provincia.

Big and dangerous

The animal came to the Canary Islands probably through import. Authorities have said that the snail poses a serious threat to human health as it can carry dangerous diseases such as salmonellosis and meningitis. In addition, it threatens agriculture and the ecosystem of the islands, attacking banana, tomato and wild vegetation. Due to the damage it can cause in the environment, it is considered one of the most dangerous invasive species on earth.

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The huge mollusk has a conical shell, most often brown with yellowish veins. The animal can reach a length of up to 30 centimeters and weigh about 1 kilogram, but mostly smaller specimens are found. Each individual lays up to 1,200 eggs per year.

The Canary Islands government has warned citizens not to touch the snail under any circumstances and to report the finding. Early detection and rapid response are key to protecting the islands’ natural environment and guaranteeing the health and safety of the population.

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