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Snoop Dogg raised the salary of the person making him roll. Reason? Inflation

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American rapper Snoop Dogg has announced that he has raised the salary of someone who rolls him marijuana rolls. Inflation is the reason, he explained. The rapper responded in this way to a tweet of the UberFacts account, in which it was reported that the person preparing the music twists earns about $ 40-50 thousand a year.

UberFacts Twitter account reported that a person who rolls marijuana rolls for American rapper Snoop Dogg earns around $ 40,000-50,000 a year. The rapper decided to respond to these reports. “Inflation! The salary went up! “- wrote the musician.

Snoop Dogg: I don’t have time to roll the turns alone

In a 2019 Howard Stern show, Snoop Dogg reported that he has a full-time employee whose sole job is to roll the turns for him. He added that there is simply no time to do it yourself. – His CV says “What are you doing?” “I’m a blunt squirter” – said the rapper. He also praised his employee for his amazing timing – apparently he always knows when a rapper wants to smoke.

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In 2021, the musician wrote on Reddit that he has 81 breaks during the day to smoke joints.

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According to CNN, on Friday inflation in USA rose to 8.6 percent due to rising fuel prices. However, it added that marijuana prices have not increased as much as other products, and have dropped in some cases.

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