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Snow has fallen in Iraq. Volunteers feed wild animals

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Two volunteers from Iraq took an initiative to help wild animals by feeding them. The inhabitants of the town of Ranijja, located in the north of the country, got involved in this.

Two young volunteers decided to help wild animals living near the city of Ranijja in northern Iraq by sprinkling wheat on the ground. Due to the heavy snowfall that has hit the region in recent days, many have difficulty accessing food.

– We would like to convey this message to people in the area: scatter the wheat in the mountains and valleys so that the animals can eat, said Helqurd Warty, one of the volunteers.

Help the animals

Volunteers also asked the inhabitants of the city of Ranijja for help in providing medicines for animals that they need to survive.

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– We provide food for birds and various wild animals, as it is difficult for them to find food in winter. This is due to weather conditions, said Wesheyar Ibrahim, an animal rights activist.

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