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Snow in Warsaw. 170 sand spreaders in action

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Anyone who looks out the window knows that snow has increased in the capital during the night. That’s why all our sand spreaders are in action. 170 units operate from 1 a.m. – assures the City Cleaning Authority on social media.

As ZOM explains, sand spreaders work on bridges, viaducts and steep streets, such as Belwederska or Tamka.

The campaign covers 240 kilometers of roads. ZOM also states that it is only responsible for the streets where city buses run. “These are part of the capital’s roads, the rest are cleaned, among others, at the request of district offices,” he reminds.

He also ensures that he checks the condition of road surfaces and sidewalks 24 hours a day. Monitors current meteorological data and weather forecasts. If necessary, he will order further actions.

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Earlier, the City Cleaning Board announced that the city cleansing services from 1.00 operate on streets where city buses run.

Spreaders on the streets of WarsawZOM

1,500 kilometers of roads and 4,400 stops

“170 sand spreaders serve 1,500 km of the capital’s roads. The rest are cleaned, among others, at the request of district offices,” we read in the announcement on this subject.

“Snow is being cleared at bus stops, and we have to serve as many as 4,400 of them. Snow is also cleared from footbridges, stairs, accesses to metro stations and pedestrian crossings. These works take much more time than clearing snow from the road. If only because it is carried out locally, in fragments , and not like streets – usually along the entire length – as long as the city bus route runs through them. Why? For example, because if the sidewalk is adjacent to the property, it has a different manager who is obliged to grab the shovel and remove the snow,” explains ZOM on social media.

Spreaders on the streets of WarsawZOM

He adds that the method of performing work on sidewalks is different than on roads. Cleaning teams work in pedestrian areas, assisted on long pedestrian routes by light mechanical equipment. Small plows are used where they can enter and perform maneuvers in a safe way for passers-by.

“Mostly people, hundreds of people, are working to clear snow from 3.5 million square meters of sidewalks. Moreover, since Friday and with very few breaks. Anyone who has ever held a shovel in their hand knows how hard this work is,” emphasizes ZOM.

Main photo source: ZOM

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