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Snuggery. The man collapsed on the A1 motorway, the drivers created a model corridor of life. Recording

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On Sunday, on the A1 motorway near Włocławek (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship), a man fainted in a car. The ambulance had trouble transporting the victim. The fire brigade was called and the drivers helped to reach the man, creating a model corridor of life.

Junior Brigadier Mariusz Bladoszewski, press officer of the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Włocławek, informed that the incident took place on Sunday afternoon on the A1 motorway near the town of Ustronie in the Włocławek poviat.

– The fire brigade was called to transport a man who collapsed in a car on the A1 motorway near Ustronie. The ambulance had trouble transporting the victim. Thanks to the help of firefighters, who were greatly helped by the drivers, by creating a corridor of life, the man was transported to the ambulance and then to the hospital – said the firefighter.

The recording from the created corridor of life was shared on social media by droogs from the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Janowice who took part in the action.

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The corridor of life. Greater awareness among drivers

The press officer of the Włocławek firefighters admitted in an interview with the tvn24.pl portal that awareness among drivers about creating a corridor of life on the road is increasing.

– It’s definitely worth reminding about it all the time. The corridor of life facilitates rescue and firefighting operations, and also helps other services in their activities. It is being created more and more often. Drivers have learned to go down in accordance with the corridor of life, creating a free lane on the right or left side, which allows the services to reach the victim faster – emphasized Bladoszewski.

The drivers formed a model corridor of lifeTSO KSRG Janowice

At the same time, he added that it is worth remembering about the corridor of life when reaching a traffic jam. “Let’s keep in the back of our minds that there may be a need for an exit, which significantly accelerates the creation of a corridor of life,” concluded the press officer.

Main photo source: TSO KSRG Janowice

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