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Sochaczew. After the test drive, he ran away with the door open, he collided with a combine on the road

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He tried to drive away as soon as the owner got out of the car after the test drive. He started with the door open. It didn’t take long to escape. It collided with a combine on the road. He then abandoned the car. Now he is facing severe punishment.

Policemen from Sochaczew were notified of the theft, which took place in rather unusual circumstances. The perpetrator stole the car during the day, in front of the owner.

– A married couple from the Sochaczew commune wanted to sell the car. After placing the advertisement on the Internet, they were quickly contacted by a man interested in buying it – reports asp. Agnieszka Dzik from the police in Sochaczew. – He came to them on the property, inspected the car and went with the owner for a test drive. After his return, when the owner got out of the car, the potential buyer suddenly started with a screech of tires. He drove away with the passenger door open.


Crashed and abandoned the car

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The couple got into the other car and tried to find the perpetrator on their own. They checked a few places, but the car was nowhere to be found. Then they decided to inform the police about the theft.

– As it turned out, the perpetrator did not enjoy the prey for a long time. On the national road No. 92, in the town of Maurzyce in the Łowicz district, it led to a collision with a combine harvester. He left the crashed car and ran away – informs the asp. Agnieszka Dzik – Police officers from the operational and reconnaissance department determined that the perpetrator may be a 25-year-old resident of Kutno. In cooperation with the local officers, he was detained and heard about theft of the vehicle. He confessed, he faces up to five years imprisonment, he adds.

Crashed stolen carPolice in Sochaczew

tvnwarszawa.pl, / Sochaczew police

Main photo source: Police in Sochaczew

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