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Sochaczew. He buried some of the drugs in the ground. Charge and arrest for a 30-year-old

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A 30-year-old inhabitant of the Sochaczew commune, suspected of possessing a large amount of drugs, which he partially hid in the ground, faces a 15-year prison sentence. The court decided to pre-trial detention of the man for three months, said the aspirant Agnieszka Dzik, spokeswoman for the Sochaczew police.

Last week, police officers from the operational and reconnaissance department determined that a resident of the Sochaczew commune has a significant amount of drugs. According to a spokeswoman for the local police, “criminals started to carry out the case.” – The suspected 30-year-old noticed the police and tried to run away, but after a few hundred meters on foot he was arrested. The man was carrying seven bags of white powder. In the course of further activities, on the property, the policemen dug up four bags of drugs from the ground, the policewoman calculated.

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“The crime was committed under conditions of recidivism”

She added that nearly PLN 5,000 was secured in the car. A resident of the Sochaczew commune was arrested. – At the Poviat Police Headquarters in Sochaczew, the secured measures were weighed and initially examined. It turned out that the 30-year-old had a total of over 155 grams of amphetamine and over 40 grams of mephedrone, Dzik said.

In the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sochaczew, he was charged with “possessing a significant amount of drugs and giving them several times for financial gain”. – The man is accused of committing crimes in conditions of recidivism. An application was made to the court to apply a preventive measure of isolation to the 30-year-old, the spokeswoman said. She concluded: – The court, after reviewing the evidence collected by the police officers, decided to temporarily arrest the suspect for a period of three months. He is facing a penalty of up to 15 years in prison.

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Main photo source: KPP in Sochaczew

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