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Sochaczew. She claimed she had cancer and was saving money for treatment. She scammed hundreds of people

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The police from Sochaczew detained a 33-year-old woman who, collecting money on online collections for her alleged oncological treatment, deceived several hundred donors from Poland and the world. The woman heard a total of 480 charges.

A resident of Sochaczew ran two fundraisers on one of the aid portals. The woman maintained that she was battling several types of cancer and needed money for treatment. In fact, she did not suffer from such diseases, but many donors, moved by her situation, decided to support her financially.

The fundraising was also carried out by the foundation

The portal leading the collection informed the police about the likelihood of committing a crime. – One fundraiser was completed after collecting a certain amount, while the other, from which the founder paid money on an ongoing basis, was blocked after doubts arose as to the authenticity of the scans of the documents sent – said Agnieszka Dzik from the District Police Headquarters in Sochaczew.

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By the way, it turned out that two public collections were also carried out by one of the foundations helping people undergoing oncological treatment. Wanting to help an allegedly seriously ill woman, she created a special account for her, to which donors could make donations for treatment. – Two public collections were carried out. However, this money was also blocked – said Dzik.

False medical records

During the course of the investigation, the police analyzed the documentation that the woman used. They checked the authenticity of the documents in the medical entities that were supposed to issue them. – It turned out that the documentation presented by the woman differed from the one held by the clinics. In some cases, the 33-year-old used documents with the stamp of doctors whose patient she was not, the policewoman pointed out.

Fraud is punishable by up to eight years in prison.

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