Sochaczew. They throw garbage into street bins. The cameras recorded it


The City Hall in Sochaczew summarized the work of city monitoring for 2023. Among standard offenses such as destruction of property or road collisions, a new category has appeared: throwing garbage into street bins. Thanks to the cameras, officials know who is responsible.

The report on the monitoring work distinguished several categories of incidents. According to Sochaczew officials, the number of events “in the category of alcohol consumption in public places” has decreased dramatically. There were 109 such cases in 2022, but monitoring recorded only eight of them throughout last year. The number of road traffic offenses and collisions also dropped – there were 20 of them compared to 30 a year earlier. However, the number of cases of property destruction increased slightly. Monitoring recorded 15 such cases in 2023, and 11 in 2022.

They throw garbage “in large quantities”

“A new category of events appeared in the report for last year, i.e. throwing waste in large quantities into street bins – monitoring recorded eight such cases,” the office reported.

In an interview with the website, Daniel Wachowski from the city hall said that it was garbage from workplaces, kiosks and shops.

The majority of offenses and crimes, i.e. thirty, were recorded by a camera installed at the amphitheater. Meanwhile, throughout 2023, two cameras did not record any incidents – one installed at the Jordanów garden and, interestingly, at the railway station platform.

Monitoring also helps the police

The monitoring camera system is not able to capture all dangerous events, so residents can report problems by calling the city manager. The number 862-36-82 operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Sochaczewski monitoring has become an invaluable source of knowledge also for the police. In connection with preparatory activities carried out in cases pending at the District Police Headquarters, monitoring employees made 64 recordings available to officers, thus contributing to the capture of crime perpetrators. Thanks to monitoring, we know which parts of the city “police officers patrolled most frequently last year, and these were the areas of the streets: Senatorska, Warszawska, Podzamcze, Traugutta, al. 600-lecia, the area of ​​Chopin Park and city boulevards,” it was summarized.

Main photo source: Albert Zawada/PAP

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