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Sokółka County. Pork chops, pork neck, cakes. This is how councilors eat during sessions. This is not the case anywhere else in the region

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Councilors of the Sokółka district in the Podlaskie Voivodeship benefit from full catering during their sessions. They choose from soups or various types of meat. For dessert, they can taste the cake. One of the councilors asks the mayor how much it costs. There is no answer, because it is “just a boiler insert”.

– Two types of soups choicedumplings, dumplings, two-three types of meat, several types of salads and cakes – the district councilor mentions in front of the TVN24 camera PIS Jarosław Hołownia.

Councilors of the Sokółka district enjoy such dishes during the sessions. – I try to ask questions about how much it costs and from what money. The mayor always told me that it wasn’t that expensive. Once he said it was just a boiler insert. So I asked how much this boiler insert costs, the councilor said.

They benefit from full catering Jarosław Hołownia

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So that they don’t debate on an empty stomach

Sokółka starosta Piotr Rećko from PiS, when asked about it by our reporter, said that he did not want to talk about it because there were more serious topics, e.g. very important investments in the starosty.

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Pork chops, roasted potatoes, salads Jarosław Hołownia

– The food is prepared by people working at the Vocational Activity Facility in Suchowola. It’s near Sokółka. All this is transported so that councilors do not debate on an empty stomach, said our reporter Mateusz Grzymkowski.

This is not the case in any district in the region

We checked other counties in the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

– Most of them have water and a choice of coffee or tea. In really extreme cases, sandwiches are ordered in the Białystok district, but only when the meeting is really long and councilors need to eat something – said our reporter.

They eat during the session Jarosław Hołownia

Main photo source: Jarosław Hołownia

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