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Solar eclipse on Saturday, October 14. Will the annular eclipse be visible in Poland?

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A solar eclipse is one of the most watched astronomical phenomena. There will be an annular eclipse on Saturday. They will be seen in the United States, Central and South American countries.

An annular solar eclipse is a rare phenomenon. – As the name suggests, instead of the Sun, you can see a luminous circle, a ring, and it doesn’t get completely dark – describes astronomer Jerzy Rafalski from the Center for the Popularization of Space Planetarium in Toruń.

The expert explains that the orbit in which the Moon revolves around the Earth is slightly elliptical. Therefore, the Moon sometimes gets closer to the Earth and other times it moves slightly away. – If it is farther from the Earth and then a solar eclipse occurs, even though the Moon passes centrally in front of the Sun’s disk, we see it as if it was slightly too small to cover it all. This is how an annular eclipse occurs, he explains.

Saturday’s eclipse will not be visible in Poland. The annular solar eclipse will be visible in our country only in 2075. However, the next eclipse that will be visible from Poland will be a partial eclipse on March 29, 2025.

Annular solar eclipse. Where it will be visible

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This year’s annular eclipse will cross North, Central and South America. The eclipse will be visible in parts of the United States, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. The eclipse’s path through South America will begin in Colombia, pass through the northern part of Brazil and end in the Atlantic Ocean.

– The eclipse belt, the place where the eclipse will be best visible, will pass through the Yucatan Peninsula, i.e. Mexico. There, many people will certainly go to observe the Mayan pyramids, who paid a lot of attention to the Sun. This can be a beautiful place to experience this phenomenon. In turn, knowing the Americans, many people will go to Roswell, because it is also a symbolic place, although it is of no importance to astronomers – says Rafalski.


How to observe a solar eclipse

It also encourages people to watch the phenomenon NASAwhile reminding that solar eclipses should be observed with appropriate preparation.

Ordinary sunglasses are not enough. Looking directly at the Sun can seriously damage your eyesight. For example, there are special glasses with a certified filter for observing solar eclipses available on the market, and you can also use Mylar solar filters. However, the safest method is to project the image of the Sun onto a screen using, for example, a telescope or binoculars.

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