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Solar storm. Northern lights in Poland. Problems with GPS and radio signals

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NASA announced that a solar storm will arrive on Earth on Tuesday evening. The phenomenon may mean that in the northern hemisphere, including Poland, it is possible to see the aurora.

A coronal mass ejection (CME) – a high-energy plasma cloud ejected into interplanetary space – is now moving around our planet. According NASA he will bring with him storms solar, which will peak on Tuesday.

No need to worry

In the classification of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the storm was rated G1, which is the lowest and the weakest. However, such phenomena can have a negative impact on the functioning of communication satellites, so there have been many concerns in social media about how the phenomenon will affect the operation of radio and GPS systems.

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As Karol Wójcicki, the author of the blog “With his head in the stars” pointed out in an interview with tvnmeteo.pl, the storm should not bother us. The online discussions were fueled in part by an unusual feature of the storm.

“Its source was aimed straight at the Earth,” right in the face, “he said. – We were sure he would hit us, but this is a minor event and you don’t need to worry.

Aurora in the Polish sky

The transition of CME raises another issue – observability aurora borealis in the northern hemisphere. Wójcicki emphasized that at the moment there are very good conditions for observing the weak aurora over Poland. The phenomenon may be visible in Poland after 23.30.

– The phenomenon is moving relatively slowly, so there is a shadow of a chance that these conditions will last until it is dark – he added.

facebook / Head in the stars

Astrophysicist from the National University of Australia, Dr. Brad Tucker explained that due to the particularly active phase of the cycle in which the Sun is present, there may be more such phenomena. Storms of intense magnitude can pose a threat to satellites. Experts estimate that outbursts in the Sun, which are responsible for solar storms, emit 100,000. times more energy than all power plants on Earth in a year.

Main photo source: Contact 24

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